Luminaria Instructions

If you have been living here, you know the drill. For new residents, welcome to our annual 5000 Points of Light.

Begin by rolling down the bag twice to make a double cuff.

From the Moon, this is what we look like. Cool, huh?

Put in about a cup of sand. An old coffee mug makes a great scoop
Add a candle...
... and distribute along your property line, spacing at 15 feet between candles.

Sand is available at these two locations

Light the luminaria at 6:00 PM on December 24. If weather is bad, we will alert you to a new date.

If you are going to be away, try to make arrangements with a neighbor to light your bags.

If need be, contact your Zone Representative, and we will make arrangements for you.

Try to fill in gaps. If more candles are needed, call your Zone Representative.