A Drama Worth Watching

Originally published 2/21/16

Seems simple enough. The FBI has the Apple iPhone of the San Bernadino shooters, and would like to get the stored content so they can learn the terrorists’ contacts and other information. Obviously, that would be the patriotic duty of Apple.

But it is not so easy. The data is highly encripted, and the software does not exist to retrieve the information. “Develop it,” says the FBI. “We want that content, and we will pay you.”

That would still seem patriotic for Apple to do. But wait. The FBI does not want Apple to just give them the content of this phone. They want Apple to give them the means to get the content of ALL iPhones.

“Oooops, now that is a problem,” says Apple. People store their entire lives confidently on the iPhone, including medical, financial, highly personal stuff, and business secrets. iPhone has been considered, up until now, unhackable. When the hacking tools are out there, however, the hackers are never far behind.

All this happened just days ago. See the full position of Apple. It looks like it is headed to court, and there seems to be a lot riding on the outcome for all