An Open and Shut Case

Originally posted 3/5/16

Responding to a tip from alert reader Chuck D. on Fairway Drive, Crier reporter Leon did a speedy investigation of Westbriar’s closest busy intersection. It’s true.

The long-awaited new McDonalds is open for business. It’s a bit smaller in the eat-in section, but the kitchen has been upgraded for higher speed.

Meanwhile the convenient Sunoco across the way has orange cones and chainlink fences. What’s up? Not to worry. Inspection and repair continues, they are just getting new gas pumps. Back to normal soon.


Wow!  Did We Goof …

The attendant interviewed last week did not know this, but alert reader John F. on Kramer Drive has more on the Sunoco story:  There is no more Sunoco.

It is now Shell. Nothing else has changed. This is great news. The station will be participating in the Giant Food Rewards Program, and it is much closer to us.