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Vienna Wins

A friendly contest with our neighbor Falls Church to see how many of our residents would sign up for free energy checkups and solar evaluations has been decided: Vienna with 288. The challenge was a way of raising public awareness of the Solarize NOVA campaign, and its bulk discounts available to those interested in enjoying another benefit of free sunshine.

Explore Solar. It is here, it is now, and it works!


Rolling it Out

Echols Street Gets a Facelift

Vienna DPW sent out the paving crew today to clean up a minefield of potholes that had challenged commuters for the last few months. In mid January a water pipe burst about 12 feet under the road, turning it into a giant mud hole. Because of the cold weather, the best that could be done at the time was a cold temporary asphalt mix, depending on traffic to pack it down.

But now, with the right weather and techniques, the road is looking good again.


Sidewalks Finished
Westbriar NE

Phase 2 of the sidewalk project along Westbriar Drive NE finished up today,. The soil between the walk and the curb was sprayed with an aromatic cocktail of grass seed and fertilizer, sort of a greenish mud.

The supervisor promised it will be a nice mixture of tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass in a month or so.


New Kid
on the Block

The paint is dry, the sod is down, and the ballons are up. The latest home in Westbriar took a bow Sunday.

1004 Echols St SE. No owner yet.
Inquiries: 703-402-7524


A Great Browsing Nugget ...

If you appreciate dance, you will love these moves by the fabulous Phillip Chbeebe and rising ballerina Renee Kester. Performed in an unlikely venue.

The music, "Slip", by Elliot Moss is also mesmerizing.

Why is the ocean salty? Click HERE for the answer.
Your will be able to answer a common child's question.


Officially Open:
Caboose Brewery

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Delegate Mark Keam, Mayor Laurie DiRocco
help the owners' kids with the big snip.

Among the newest and for many, the most welcome business addition to Vienna, is the
Caboose Brewery.

Head out Mill Street past the Red Caboose, and it will be the very last door before the woods.

Caboose currently brews eight varieties, something for every palate.

View from the top.
A popular place to be last Thursday.
Inset: Caboose Master Brewer, Chris Mallon


Town Green

One of the best things about the Vienna Summer Experience is the free concerts at the Town Green. Grab a blanket or lawn chair and see the setting sun to a jazz or country western beat!

Concerts begin at 6:30 unless otherwise stated, are family friendly, alchohol-free.
Picnicking encouraged. Dogs, not so much.

of the

Fri - Aug 28
Sun - Aug 30
Sun - Sept 27
Sun - Oct 25

Richard Walton Group
Afternoons on Church Concert - 5:00 p.m.
Afternoons on Church Concert - 5:00 p.m.
Afternoons on Church Concert - 5:00 p.m.



This season's series is sponsored by the
Rotary Club and Whole Foods.
Be a Friend of the Town Green.


Two Other Westbriar
Construction Projects
Approved at Monday's
Town Council Meeting

1. Planning contract for a sidewalk on the west side of Old Courthouse Road between Westbriar Court and Gosnell Road.

2. Reconstruction of Follin Lane between Maple Avenue and Wildwood Park, to include curb and gutter construction and a sidewalk on the west side of the road.




A sidewalk project along Westbriar Drive NE in our Zone C is in full swing. This is the next installment of an initiative funded mostly by a Virginia grant, called Walk to Downtown, the purpose of which is to provide improved pedestrian access from neighborhoods to a town's main thoroughfare. Other sidewalks nearby are planned for the future.

The scope of this phase is to create a new sidewalk from 123 to connect to the existing one between Old Courthouse Road and St. Bernard Drive. It will involve only the side along the golf course, and include gutters along the road. Except for a few, the existing trees will be undisturbed.

New 8/24/15

Weather Buffs:

This one is for you!

A microburst is a violent weather phenomonom which can strike any time with little warning.

Click the Pic to see why pilots stay tuned in. Even the heaviest airplanes do not stand a chance.


Let There

Be Light


The black poles blend nicely with the tree canopy.

First in the USA

Glyndon Park is the first Little League baseball field in the United States illuminated with LEDs. The new system enhances playability, reduces spill light and glare to neighboring homes, and reduces the field's electricity bill by 46 percent.

The system, designed by Musco uses six 45 feet-tall black poles. "Residents around Glyndon Park have come to appreciate the mature trees and the natural park setting, so the last thing we wanted to do is put typical 70-foot galvanized-metal poles in the park" said Vienna Parks and Recreation Director Cathy Salgado.

The LED lighting is a significant move to more sustainable and energy efficient products. It is a result of a joint partnership with the Town and the Vienna Little League.

The light poles are significantly shorter than the trees.

From left field, the action area is well illuminated, but the light from the poles in background are hardly noticable.

The new lighting system is amazing, and hard to do justice by words alone. You need to see it to believe it. Those who are into sports and familiar with night games will be the most impressed.

Each of the dozens of lighting modules are narrowly focused on small parts of the field. When you walk around the fence line, you are illuminated at any point by at most, two banks of light. If you step away from the fence ten paces you're in the dark. No light falls on houses.

This athletic field is really a showcase both for the here-and-now in LED technology, and for a forward-looking Town management ready and willing to embrace the advantages of energy state-of-art.

The batter, catcher, and umpire have no glaring lights to contend with. The only lights directed here are largely outside the players' peripheral vision.


Look but ....

Don't Touch

Wild Parsnip is an invasive species, but sometimes cultivated as a specimin flower by exotic gardeners. It has a yellow flower that could be considered attractive.

The roots are actually edible. But beware the flowers, stems and leaves. They bear sap that is toxic and causes a burning rash. Do not allow children or pets to play near them, and make sure your guests are warned.


now at

See your favorite characters, but this time in super high tech. You have never seen Peter, Wendy, Tinkerbell, Captain Hook, and the crocodile like this.

The 360 Theater is playing
June 24 through August 16


Workers erect the huge airconditioned
360 Theater at Tysons



on the


Cranes overhead. Many more to come

Last night Fairfax County coordinated an open house at Freedom Hill Elementary School to bring us up to date on proposed development, both conceptual and active, transportation improvements, parks, public facility plans, and much more.

This well-attended meeting was just the latest in a series of information exchanges on Northern Virginia's Showcase City in-the-making.

Please plan to attend one of these open houses. They are information-intensive and cannot be captured here. We will let you know when the next one comes up.

8334 Leesburg Pike, near Greensboro Metro Station (conceptual).

Developers were on hand to go over their projects in detail.

Left: The Commons on Colshire Meadow Drive (near the McLean stop) has been approved and features a pair of residential towers of 15 and 12 stories.

Right: Fairfax Chairman
Sharon Bulova stopped by
to greet the attendees.



Hynes Elected
School Board

The Fairfax County School Board Elected Pat Hynes as Chairman yesterday, and Sandy Evans Vice Chairman.

Hynes had been our Hunter Mill Representative on the FCSB since 2011. Her background is that of teacher, lawyer, and community organizer. She was a founding member of the Vienna Teen Center Foundation, former PTA president at Louise Archer Elementary School, and former president of the Malcolm-Windover Heights Civic Association.


Major Water
Line Failure


Last Friday, almost all of SE Vienna east of the Giant store experienced a severe loss of water pressure for much of the day. Businesses that depended on water were forced to close. The reason was that a major water line, which crosses Wolftrap Creek adjacent to Wendy's, ruptured.

The first step was to restore water to the customers. Emergency DPW crews immediately isolated the broken pipe, which is visible underwater from the bridge. A connection was made to another large main nearby, and service was restored by late afternoon.

Then, the replacement of the broken line could be started. Work was temorarily delayed because gas and fiber optics cables, previously unmarked by Miss Utility, were discovered. But the project is now moving forward.

Working in a streambed is not possible, so a coffer dam was constructed, which blocked the flow of the stream. The water upstream was pumped around the work site by the yellow 6 inch hose, seen in the photo on left, and deposited downstream under Maple Avenue.

At the right, workmen make the final connection on the new pipe section.

Fish Rodeo

a Huge Hit


Easy does it as the lure is dropped expertly in the current.

The woods of Wildwood Park were buzzing with kids and their parents for the second annual Fish Rodeo. It was so popular, in fact, that Parks and Recreation Director Cathy Salgado has next year's rodeo already on her calendar.

The fish are 10 to 14 inch Brook trout, known for their delicious flakey pink flesh. They are provided by the Navy Federal Credit Union, which borders the park.

All residents of Vienna are eligible to partake, but limited tickets are available on a first come basis. It is not too early to think about next year if you have a young sportsman in the family.

Tables were set up for experienced fishermen to teach the art of cleaning the trout.




Patrick Mulhern has been appointed Vienna's Director of Planning & Zoning, effective April 13.

Mulhern currently serves as the Planning & Community Development Director for Culpeper, where his efforts led to the town receiving the Virginia Downtown Development Associate Award of Excellence, Neighborhood Stabilization Program Award from VDHCD as well as the Great Streets Award.

"The Town of Vienna has approved specific smart growth design criteria to guide the on-going redevelopment of the Town," said Mulhern. "Their redevelopment effort offered me a unique new challenge that fully utilizes my skills, interest and talents. Vienna already is a great place to live. I'm excited to have an opportunity to improve the urban fabric of the Town so it matches the quality of the community."


70th Anniversary
The Atomic Age

Today, it has been 7 decades since the first test of the Atomic Bomb lit up the skys of the New Mexico desert in the predawn hours. Within a month, Japan surrendered, bringing a close to World War 2.

The Atomic Age is open-ended, and the world will never be the same. The promise of unlimited clean energy will always be shadowed by the specter of total global destruction.


Vienna Parks Director Moves On

Cathy Salgado, Vienna's Director of Parks and Recreation for 13 years, is leaving today for the same position with the City of Fairfax.

Cathy will be a hard act to follow. Her tireless energy helped shape the town through such programs as Oktoberfest, First Night, the 125th Anniversary, and led the town's many recurring festival efforts. She played a key role in bringing the synthetic turf and lighting to Waters and Glyndon Park athletic field.

Reverse Mortgage, Continued ....

How Do You Decide if a Reverse Mortgage is Right for You? Almost all financial products have pros and cons. Reverse mortgages are no exception. Some of the factors you will want to consider include:

1. Your need for supplemental income or improved cash flow from eliminating your mortgage payment.

2. Your desire for financial independence

3. Your ability to stay in your existing home for the long term

4. Your financial values and attitudes toward loans

5. Your interest in maximizing your estate for heirs

The strongest reasons to secure a reverse mortgage are:

1. The desire for financial independence

2. The wish to remain in their own home for the rest of their lives

3. Needing income is another big reason people seek a reverse mortgage.

Reverse Mortgage Disadvantages

While there may be strong reasons to get a reverse mortgage and much has been done in the last year to make reverse mortgages a stronger product -- protections for spouses (no matter their age) have been put in place and fees and interest rates have become more favorable -- there are some downsides. Here are some possible disadvantages to the product that you should consider when assessing your suitability:

1. You Accumulate Interest: There are no monthly payments on a reverse mortgage. As such, the loan amount (the amount you will eventually have to pay back) grows larger over time. Every month, the amount of interest you will eventually owe increases --it accumulates. However, the amount you owe on the loan will never exceed the value of the home when the loan becomes due. The loan and accumulated interest become due when you or your spouse die or move out of the home.

2. Disappointing Loan Amounts: Some reverse mortgage borrowers are disappointed by the amount of money they can borrow with a reverse mortgage. Your actual loan amount is determined by a calculation using the appraised value of your home, the amount of money you owe on the home, your age and current interest rates. The HECM loan limit is currently set at $625,000 but very few borrowers actually get that much.

3. The Loans Are Complicated: The basics of reverse mortgages can seem so foreign to people. On the other hand, the advantages of the loans are clear. Reverse mortgages enable you can eliminate your traditional mortgage payments and/or access your home equity while still owning and living in your home. Given the right set of circumstances, a reverse mortgage can be an ideal way to increase your spending power and financial security in retirement. Furthermore, the loans are flexible, have a low risk of default and are tax free.

Excerpted from New Retirement magazine.

Disclaimer: You should discuss any decisions with your family and financial councilor.


The following stories have appeared earlier in the Crier:


Fairfax 2015

World Police
Fire Games

Opening Ceremonies: RFK
this Friday, June 26

Tickets are still available for most events, and they are FREE!
Fairfax County won out in a highly competitive process to host the annual games.

Cheer on the athletes from all over the world as they compete in over 60 sports.

And who are the athletes?

They are the 911 folks. The police, fire, EMT,
and other public safety professionals.

Learn More

Get Tickets

Program Schedule

New 7/3/15

Happy 4th!

Don't forget the Vienna Fireworks are TONIGHT (July 3, not tomorrow) at Yeonas Park off Ross Drive SW. Rock Group
Fat Chance will provide entertainment prior to the display.

Tomorrow, come on down to the Town Green and enjoy musical performances by Difficult Run and the Vienna Community Band. There will be BBQ, antique cars, a Chili Dog Eating Contest, Moon Bounce for the kids, and more....


Town Revenue Rise

New construction and property improvements will result in significant growth to the property tax base. This will effectively pay for a larger Vienna budget next year, so the tax rate of 22.88 cents per $100 of assessed value will stay the same.

VE Day

70 Years

by Leon

The Mall was packed on Friday from the Lincoln to the Capitol, many of them bearing high-end camera equipment on tripods. It was the 70th Anniversary of the surrender of Nazi Germany, but not yet the end of World War 2.

The number of veterans is dwindling, but many were in attendance. The crowds were given a personal glimpse into the lives of some. One veteran, at the age of 96, is still an active bush pilot in Alaska, and drove alone all the way down just to be here.

The reason for the cameras became evident as the event turned into an airshow of the planes of that era. Fifty six of them, ranging from Piper Cub trainers, high performance fighters including the Warhawk, Wildcat, Lightning, Corsair, Mustang, and bombers including the B24, B25, B26 and B29 came down the river, and turned toward the Capitol in an awesome historical timestamp. Remember, this was pre-jet days. They are not as fast, or whiny-screechy as todays planes, but the deep-throated roar of the piston-propeller system has a panache all its own.

The largest plane, the Boeing B-29 Super Fortress thunders over the Tidal Basin.

This is the plane that finally brought an end to WW2



in Vienna


Community spirit and volunteerism is alive and well, as evidenced by the nomination of 35 individuals for exceptional contributions to the Town. The Awards ceremony, conducted by Mayor DiRocco, played to a full house at the Flame Room of the Volunteer Fire Department. Music was supplied by some very catchy percussion work by the Vienna Elementary School Jammers.

The fact is that we are surrounded in Vienna by lots and lots of community-minded folk that give a lot of their time without expectation of recognition. The Mayor's Reception is to remind us all that volunteerism is a fundamental part of our traditions, and that the community benefits greatly by their contributions

See the Vienna Web Site for a full list
of the Awardees of 2015




Patrick Mulhern has been appointed Vienna's Director of Planning & Zoning, effective April 13.

Mulhern currently serves as the Planning & Community Development Director for Culpeper, where his efforts led to the town receiving the Virginia Downtown Development Associate Award of Excellence, Neighborhood Stabilization Program Award from VDHCD as well as the Great Streets Award.

"The Town of Vienna has approved specific smart growth design criteria to guide the on-going redevelopment of the Town," said Mulhern. "Their redevelopment effort offered me a unique new challenge that fully utilizes my skills, interest and talents. Vienna already is a great place to live. I'm excited to have an opportunity to improve the urban fabric of the Town so it matches the quality of the community."



Navy Federal Credit Union, largest credit union in the country, and Vienna's largest employer by far, will get even bigger. And with the growth, approximately 600 job opportunities.

The present Annex D building will be replaced by a quarter million square foot, four story office complex with parking. An elevated walkway across Electric Drive will connect empoyees with the main structure.

Navy Federal has been mentioned in the Crier last summer in connection with an improvement to Follin Lane, which will add a lane for two blocks to better accomodate 123-bound traffic at the end of the work day.

NFCU is Westbriar's closest commercial neighbor to the south.
Architectural drawing credit: Vienna Patch.

Oh, No!

Not again


Police direct traffic around the damaged vehicles.

Westbriar's perennial crash magnet, the intersection of Hine Street and Follin Lane, was the scene of yet another mishap this morning. A family of five, travelling in a Honda sedan north on Follin was broadsided by a Van entering the intersection eastbound on Hine. Two of the Honda passengers were transported to a hospital for observation although injuries did not appear serious.

The crash caused deployment of all air bags in the Honda. It is not known why the driver of the Van missed the stop sign.

The intersection is characterized by deep ditches, lots of brush, and poor sight lines. This stretch of road is slated to be widened this year and improved with curb and gutter system, better lighting and lane markings, and a sidewalk along one side. Making the intersection 4 Way Stop is under consideration. The brush and weed trees that line the road will be removed. These improvements should go a long way in improving the safety record of this somewhat hidden intersection.