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Wow. When Have You Seen a Play Like This,
Even in the Major Leagues?

"Our worst enemy cannot harm us as much as our unwise thoughts. No one can help us as much as our own compassionate thoughts." Budda

Father's Day this Sunday

May 2

Incumbents Unchallenged

OK, it won't be an exciting Vienna Town Council Election this year.
But you should vote, anyway. Reason:

These are experienced and proven leaders who are keeping our town looking good for us and looking good in the region. They spend our taxes wisely and have brought our bond rating up to AAA, the highest level. And they do it on a salary that makes their jobs a pure hobby. Your vote would say "I appreciate your work."





April 22

Wildwood Park at Follin Lane crossing.

The Wolftrap Creek will be stocked with hundreds of hungry trout, giving "city kids" a cool look into how their "country cousins" do the nature thing. It's rain or shine.
BTW, did you know that fish bite better in the rain?

There still are some tickets left, but going fast. Click HERE for all the details.

Public Hearing
at Vienna Town Hall

Monday April 24 8PM
Vienna Town Budget

Click for More Info


Wind Wins!


On Echols Street in Westbriar a blue spruce made a direct hit on the homeowner's car.

Serious wind moved into the region last night, making an impressive game of peek-a-boo between fast moving clouds and a bright full moon. This morning, however, it was no so pretty on the ground. Parts of Vienna were without power, and many trees were on the ground.

The wind is expected to last until this evening.

No flowers or candy here .....
... National Geographic offers an interesting collection of courtship rituals in the bird and insect world. Click on the peacock spiders at the left for details.

Thank You, Vienna
2017 Mayor's Volunteer Reception

April 18, 7:30 PM at Volunteer Fire Department
Recognition of our hometown heroes who were nominated by the community for outstanding services to help others.


Caps: Still
Looking Good ... usual

Tonight, the Caps took the first round away from Toronto and now are looking at a run-in with our perennial rival, Pittsburgh. The Penguins ended the season for the Caps last year in the 2nd round, remember, and then went on to win the Stanley Cup. It should be a slugfest all the way.

Round 2, Game 1 is
Thursday, April 27.

Is this the Year?



Suspects Still on Run

The warm evening calm was shattered last night by a high speed chase by at least 12 Fairfax police cars along Old Courthouse Road. They were trying to catch up to three shoplifters who had made off with high end purses from Bloomingdales at Tysons. The chase ended when the suspects turned onto Besley Road and crashed the car near Bois Avenue.

The three occupants of the car were apparently not hurt, and disappeared into the woodsy area. A helicopter and K9 units were brought in to locate them. The chopper stayed aloft about two hours, mostly over the Irving, Drewlaine, Montmorency, and Creek Crossing areas. The unproductive search was called off at about midnight. The car, now in police custody, was stolen in another state.

Many residents of Westbriar and nearby subdivisions contributed real-time observations of the search activity on NextDoor

This morning at 10 AM police reported that the three suspects are still at large, and asked via Twitter that residents of the area report suspicious activity. 703-691-2131 or 911. Police describe the suspects as black, early 20s, wearing hoodie and sweatshirts. One with goatee, another with short Afro-style hair.

The location of the abandoned car is 0.7 miles from the nearest part of Westbriar. The cold air that moved in during the night could be a factor in the fugitives' calculations. See latest Fairfax Police update HERE.

Update from the Nest

Two eggs are being incubated, so you are sure to see Mom or Dad on camera day or night, because each will be working in shifts to keep the egg warm while the spouse is out grabbing a bite to eat. Expect to see the hatchlings during the last week of March.

This year, sound has been added to the live webcast. Eagles don't do much talking, but when they do, it is a brief, loud and authoritative screech.

Photo credits: (c) 2017 American Eagle Foundation, DCEAGLECAM.ORG.

Last year's eaglet twins,
about 3 weeks old.


Happy Chinese
New Year!

It's the
Year of the Rooster.

Click to see how
we feel about it.

World's Longest Commercial Flight landed Monday

Flight QR920, a Boeing 777, left Doha, Qatar, and landed in
Auckland, New Zealand after 16 hours and 20 minutes
in the air, crossing 10 time zones, five countries, and
travelling 9,032 miles.

Fibre Optics Project Causes Delayed Problem in Zone A

Early in 2014, the Crier noted the installation of an important fibre cable from Falls Church to serve the Dulles Access corridor. The cable was buried along the north side of Wolf Trap Road in Westbriar Zone A, then westward through Vienna NE.

Unfortunately, the project caused a problem for the homeowner at the intersection with Echols Street. During installation, a drill had put a neat hole through the sewer line serving the house, resulting in gradual leakage and soil infiltration over the years. Finally, last week, the sewage flow stopped altogether.


Crews spent the weekend working in a snow shower to correct the situation. In the process, they carefully documented the damage the help the homeowner recover the costs.

Luminaria, 2016

Wasn't it Beautiful? Late afternoon drying conditions, plus near calm wind allowed one of the best Luminaria displays in the last decade. The Luminaria is a perfect metaphore for many hands working together in a spirit of creation. In this case, to create a community of safety, harmony, strength and good will. Thanks to all for your work and support.

One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas Day. Don't clean it up too quickly.     Andy Rooney

Thank you, Santa,
you made my day!


Following the
Blue Line

When planning to build something that involves digging, you must contact Miss Utilities, a group that keeps track of what is underground. They come out and mark stuff: Red for electrical lines, yellow for gas lines, blue for water, etc.

Westbriar's Echols Street has a lot of colorful markings as a new water line is being installed below. This particular stretch has experienced an unusually high number of pipe leaks over the last decade, indicating a probable systemic problem.

At left, workmen excavate to expose the connection point between Echols and the main line running under Niblick Drive. Above, with the work almost done, neighbors take turns rolling out the hot asphalt.


Mosquitoes and Zika

Tiger Mosquito

Named for its black
and white bands

Native to SE Asia, it has invaded USA over the last decades, and is now the most common specie in the Eastern and Southern states.

Only a few months ago, we knew nothing about it. The Center for Disease Control didn't know much more. They suspected a connection, but were not sure. But now it is confirmed.

Zika Virus, which causes babies to be born with an unusually small head and brain, is transmitted through mosquitoes found in South America. And more recently, it has been proven to be transmitted by our own local pest, the Tiger. Some international scientists are cautioning about holding the scheduled Olympics in Brazil in August, worried that people will bring back and establish hot zones in other parts of the globe.

Mosquitoes need standing water for their life cycle. Fight them by depriving them of that water. Police your property for toys or other containers or surface shapes that trap rain. Blast out the birdbath with a garden hose every week. The Tiger goes from egg on the water surface to adult in 10 to 14 days. Disruption at any point kills the insect. Working together can eliminate them from an entire community.

Spraying one's own property does not last long, and is environmentally questionable. Honey bee populations are susceptable to the toxins, and bee keepers are concerned.



The Moon's orbit is not a circle, but an ellipse, so the distance between us is continuously changing. When the distance is the least at the time when the Moon is full, it can appear up to 14% bigger, and 30% brighter.

Check it out. You haven't seen a bigger full moon since 1948, and won't see it as big again until 2034. The weatherman promises great viewing.


Veteran's Day 2016


11/9/16 Hillary Clinton wins
Fairfax County

.... but not White House, as WI and PA tip the Electoral Vote to Donald Trump in early morning. Meals Tax defeated.



A threatening sky was of no concern at the biggest and best Oktoberfest yet. Bratwurst, sauerkraut, pizza, and giant pretzels seemed to top the list of edibles, while our own Caboose Brewery supplied the most popular of the potables.

And who to thank for a great afternoon? One would be Vienna Business Association's Director Peggy James, who was spotted as a reveler along with her dad.

Can still smell the deliciousness of the smokey brats.

Face painting was a favorite.

Some mellow sounds from Fat Chance.

Many opted to schmalze it up with party garb and accessories.


There was no shortage of ways to keep the kids entertained.

Can't wait 'till

Arf! Parties are not just for humans.




Vienna Appoints New DPW Head

Town Manager Mercury Peyton announced at the September 26 meeting the selection of Michael Gallagher as Director of Public Works. He had been serving as the Interim Director since the June retirement of Dennis Johnson.

Gallagher, 36. has 12 years of experience in civil enginnering, and has worked for the Town since 2010. He was appointed Deputy Director last February.




The trudge down the driveway to get the morning paper was nervewracking enough, but nature does have a way of presenting even dangerous situations in beautiful ways.

Road conditions were a nightmare all Friday night, responsible for hundreds of collisions and at least ten traffic fatalities along the eastern seaboard. One occured locally on the beltway as a driver was struck after he abandoned his car and began walking along the road. Slippery conditions persisted until rising temperatures yesterday brought things back to normal.


Metro Problems:
Larger than thought

The safety surges have made Metro a rough commute. Some have suspected a bit of grandstanding by the new manager.

Probably not. Turns out that an investigation of the July 29 derailing of a Silver Line train near East Falls Church has revealed lax inspection, falsified reports, and a management culture that discouraged reporting safety issues. The issues are serious enough that the investigations have been upgraded to examine possible criminal actions.

More information

Good News from
the Tax Offices

The property tax rate for the next Fairfax County budget cycle will not increase despite some talk to the contrary. How are the rates set? Chairman Sharon Bulova offers an overview in this Video.

Likewise, Vienna's property tax rate will stay the same for Fiscal Year 2018.

Is this the year?

Unfortunately not, as the Penguins
skate to the next level.



A huge apparently healthy tree in the 400 block of Blair Road NW suddenly crashed to the ground without warning. Fortunately it fell toward the street, and damage was limited to utility lines.

Crews worked over the weekend to tidy up.

Looking into the tree from the new perspective ....

.... reveals it was hollow.


Vienna Choral Society presents

It's a Grand Night
for Singing

Saturday, May 20th, 7:30 PM
Vienna Baptist Church

Join Vienna's premier vocal group as they finish up their first season under the leadership of Mike Horanski. The program will share the stage with the Louise Archer Elementary School chorus.



..... and

Temperatures climbed into the mid 90s, but fortunately huge tents provided shade and a chance to catch up with friends at the annual Taste of Vienna. About 20 of Vienna's popular restaurants offered samples of their fare.