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The Mayor and Town Council has invited us to stop down to the Town Hall Friday for their annual Holiday Reception.

December 8   4-6 PM

Entertainment by the James Madison HS Madrigals, and the Thoreau Chamber Choir.

Refreshments by the Vienna Volunteer Fire Department Auxilliary.

Westbriar Luminiara Coming Up.

Zone Reps are getting the material distributed in your neighborhood.


presents ...

Sounds of the Season: Rutters Gloria

Saturday December 16, 4:30 PM

Annandale United Methodist Church
6935 Columbia Pike. Annandale VA

VCS will share the stage with the Oakton Singers and the Northern Virginia Youth Winds. Music ranges from familiar kid-friendly to the soul-stirring Gloria.

Tickets are available on line through December 15, and at the door.

Happy Thanksgiving

Even though I clutch my blanket and growl when the alarm rings each morning, thank you, Lord, that I can hear. There are many who are deaf.

Even though I keep my eyes tightly closed against the morning light as long as possible, thank you Lord, that I can see. There are many who are blind.

Even though I huddle in my bed and put off the effort of rising, thank you, Lord that I have the strength to rise. There are many who are bedridden.

Even though the first hour of my day is hectic, when socks are lost, toast is burned, and tempers are short, thank you, Lord, for my family. There are many who are lonely.

Even though I grumble and bemoan my fate from day to day and wish my circumstances were not so modest, thank you, Lord, for the gift of life.     --anon

Quarterly Recycling at Northside Property Yard,
(all the way up Mill Street NE) is Saturday,
December 2, 8AM - 2PM.

Bring your waste oil, antifreeze, batteries, electronics.
Note that paints, insecticides, and other chemicals
are not accepted.



Head for the Caboose Monday evening to kick off the Holiday Season!

Click on the image at left for the complete lineup of Vienna's Holiday Stroll.


Way to Go, Warhawks!

Homecoming 2017

Ready .....

James Madison High School put on their usual fantabulous annual parade down Maple Street this afternoon, dazzling the crowd with their talented cheerleaders and spiffy marching band. The candy flung out to the younger set didn't hurt either.

And to top it off, the team trampled their rival Generals by a lopsided 38 to 7 ... Wow!

.... Go!

Vienna's Own

Halloween Parade


October 25

7 PM

Remember the Gigantic Red Tennis Shoe Float?

A Must-Do for all No VA politicians

Westbriar Contributes to
Arts Fund

Westbriar Civic Association has made a $500 contribution to the Town of Vienna Public Arts Commission for a marker to memorialize the late Mayor Jane Seeman's support, promotion, and appreciation of volunteer citizens' services. UPDATE 3/13/17 The location of the marker will be at the Community Center, which is currently under reconstruction.





Farmers Market Open

.... through Oct., 8 AM to Noon. Faith Baptist Church Parking Lot, 301 Center St S.

Enjoy a cup of cocoa and music as you select your fresh-picked, sun-ripened produce, baked goods, and crafts.

Ken Liu, who lives in the 900 block of Country Club Drive, sent in a photo of a fox that has taken a liking to his street.

Caution: foxes are a carrier of rabies.

Halloween for All

It's a Halloween Styled Party for all Westbrier Residents!

October 28, 4 - 10 PM

Costumes welcome. Bring a dish of your choice, (optional).

400 Mashie Drive SE     RSVP to 703-268-5909


Drug Turn In

Saturday, Oct 28

In conjunction with US, state and other local law enforcement agencies, the Vienna Police Department will participate in a one-day initiative to remove potentially dangerous drugs from area homes.

Between 10 AM and 2 PM bring your unused, expired, or unwanted medications to a collection point located at the Police Station at 215 Center Street S. Consider removing indentifying information from containers. Injectables and syringes will not be accepted.


A Lunar Encore

With the Eclipse so near in the rear view mirror, it may be too soon for this ..... but click on the image for a short but very beautiful time lapse of the Moon in another perspective.

The photographer is also an astronomy buff and knew exactly where he had to be at Boston Harbor. The early distortions are due to the many extra miles of atmosphere.


Kramer Drive Gets
Needed Repair


For many years, the asphalt road edges along Kramer Drive, part of Westbriar Civic Zone A, have been crumbling. This morning, the Vienna Department of Public Works fixed up the worst parts, which will hopefully hold until the entire road can be remilled in the future.

Farmers Market Still Open
Through October

Vienna Choral Society
presents ...

Surround Sound


James Madison High School Choir

Saturday Oct 21
7:30 PM

V ienna Baptist Church

Tickets and Info

Tomorrow (Saturday)

One of the most popular fun programs, the annual Vienna Oktoberfest is the place to be. Sicher!

Head for the Caboose,
11AM to 7PM.

Beer, Brats, Music, and lots of fun stuff for the younger set.


Town Logo Nears Approval

Vienna moved forward in selecting an official logo. Originally nineteen concepts were received from the public, and of these, two were presented to the Council last night. Concept A, immediate right, was selected, but the discussion is still open as to the exact Vienna buildings to be used in the icon.

Update 4/23/17

From the Nest


One of the eagle chicks got its leg caught in the branches of the nest, and was being injured by the mother's attempts to free it. A decision was made to intervene with a dangerous night climb to the 80 foot high nest just as a storm approached on April 20. The chick was taken down for observation, and returned to the nest the next day. All is now well.

See a composite summary video of the dramatic three days HERE.

Perfect Fit!

The last piece of Navy Federal Credit Union's pedesrian overpass was installed this morning. The structure will shorten the walking route between the main structure and the new Annex building under construction, and eliminate the crosswalk on Electric Drive. A concrete floor will contain heating elements to prevent snow and ice buildup since the sides will not enclose the walkway completely.

Clockwise from right, the section is slowly lowered with only a small fraction of an inch to spare on either side.

Welders filled the gaps. The bridge will remain suspended until the welds have been inspected.

The view from street level. Navy Federal is Vienna's largest employer, and will expand its workforce significantly when the Annex is finished.



We Have a


Drone Video

What Happened: A combination of natural and man-made realities. Hurricanes typically reach land, continue on course, lose power rapidly, and disperse rain over a wide area. Not so this one. Harvey was held in place by a high pressure system to the west, lingering over Corpus Christie and Houston for five days, where it dumped enough water to fill the Great Salt Lake. A factor in the flooding is that the Houston soil is one of the most impervious in the nation. It does not soak up water. Moreover, the topography of the city has many low areas which do not drain well, even at best.

Houston is one of the fastest growing cities, bouyed by plentiful jobs and favorable tax structure. There is pressure to pave and build, but long range infrastructure planning is substandard, according to urban engineering experts. A storm like Harvey was never seriously considered.

If you are inclined to help, please be aware that internet scam artists take advantage of situations like this. Red Cross is a reliable organization. You might also contact organizations in Houston directly to ask what their needs are.



Irma Deadly, but Far Less Than Expected.

The predicted path of Irma, up the Gold Coast from Miami to Jacksonville, did not come true.

A late right turn steered the 7th largest hurricane of record across the upper keys where it made landfall near Naples, a relatively small city.

Once inland, the wind speed rapidly slowed, as it tore through the Everglades, disturbing the alligators, but mercifully avoiding

the carnage which was feared. About 3 AM on Sunday morning, Irma fell below 75 MPH as it passed by Tampa, 30 miles inland.

Meanwhile, the strong inland winds blew the sea up the St Johns River causing massive flooding in Jacksonville. Millions are without power.

While the loss and suffering are immense, Irma's potential destruction was largely avoided in Florida.

Florida Braces

Irma Landfall
expected Sunday

Bargain hunters will appreciate this. A seat on the mostly empty planes to Miami currently go for about $45. The return trip, however, is $1400 and rising.

I-95 has opened a normally southbound lane to northbound travel to accomodate the exodus as Irma approaches. Current forecasts predict a north to south path up the east coast toward Jacksonville.

The long path through Florida could make Irma the costliest storm the state has ever experienced, according to some authorities.

St Martin island was particulary hard hit on Tuesday, suffering ten dead. The popular Maho Beach was completely destroyed.

The attraction here to the younger crowd was the jet airliners skimming the beach at 20 feet overhead as they landed. During takeoffs, the beachgoers would cling to the chain link perimeter fence, and be blown horizontally by the hot exhaust.

1/23/17   by Leon
Lasagna Bake Off

I was a guest last evening at a Westbriar dinner party with a theme. Each of us came with a small homemade lasagna, and we all did a blind taste test to determine the best. Among the guests were David Hicks, an epicure and food critic for local newspapers, and Mme Antoinette Grenouille, a well-known French and Italian chef.

While my offering did not do very well, there was a clear winner, Maricel Capalla, who actually baked her entry on a charcoal grill because of oven problems. Maricel confessed that her recipe was not original, but it was so astoundingly good, she was persuaded to pass on the secrets HERE

Do YOU have a
great recipe?

Let's hear from you.

Going Viral ....

First published in 1779 by its creator English poet John Newton, Amazing Grace fell there into relative obscurity, but was adopted by Americans in the early 19th Century to become probably the most popular or at least the most recognizable hymn. It is often chosen to amplify heavy emotional situations, such as funerals of public safety officers.

Recently, Peter Hollens and his five vocalist friends (Home Free) have released their version. Yes, there are so many versions, all are beautiful, and many are exceptional. Elvis has one.

But this one is worth the listen. Click on the image at the left, but don't entrust things to the little speakers in your phone or computer; use earbuds. Enjoy the goosebumps.        Thanks to Patti


Final 2017 Block Party
at the Caboose!
Friday, September 15th, 6:30 to 9:30
Music by Chump Change (classic rock)

About ten food trucks will provide a wide range of eats. Beer and wine will also be available for purchase with identification. Surrounding streets will be closed to traffic. See you there!


Speaking of Rock ....

Check out the awesome talent of these young performers:



Wildwood Park

Stream News

The Wolftrap Creek upstream from Follin Lane will soon be upgraded to match the work done three years ago on the downstream side.

The banks will be strengthened by large rocks and buried netting to resist erosion damage during heavy rainfall. The effects of rain runoff are severe now that the watershed is almost completely built out. Fast moving flood waters undermine and topple trees, and in general degrade the forest environment.

The new phase, costing about $1M, is funded the VA Dept. of Environmental Quality, and by Fairfax County. Vienna will contribute design and construction management.

Left: Erosion damage is evident along the stream path. Above: The finished project down stream in this winter shot shows the cascading pool technique of flood control.


More Chillin' on


Block Party Time again at the Caboose!
Friday, August 18th, 6:30 to 9:30 -- Music by Rock and Blues

About ten food trucks will provide a wide range of eats. Beer and wine will also be available for purchase with identification. Surrounding streets will be closed to traffic. We will be celebrating Fairfax County's 275th Birthday!

ECLIPSE Countdown

Lunar eclipses are a dime a dozen, and partial solar eclipses visible from home are not all that rare. But on August 21 , a total solar eclipse will streak across the entire country from Oregon to South Carolina, and will give those inclined to do some reasonable travel a once-in-a-lifetime blast of cosmic flourish. Much detailed info on this event is available, and here is a particularly good link.

In Vienna, most all of the sun will be eclipsed. But to get the full effect you must go to the path of totality. For us that would be a trip down 81 past Knoxville, or down 95 to South Carolina. If you don't experience totality, you won't quite understand what the fuss was all about.

Two things: It needs to be a sunny day.....

....and you need to protect your eyes.

New Cars Coming to Town Green's Big Screen

Watch short trailer.

Disney's blockbuster movie geared for all ages will be on Vienna's Big Screen, free and open to the public. Mark your calendar: Sunday, August 13. Movie will begin when it is dark enough, about 7:30.

Free cake, popcorn and bottled water available while supplies last. Bring a blanket or lawn chairs.


Easter Weekend
Water Line Break

A water main break closed off the 900 block of Fairway Drive over the long Easter weekend, and left the residents briefly without water. Vienna dispatched an emergency crew to restore service. One resident said "I applaud the Town's rapid response, as they were on scene and at work in force rapidly after it occured."

NEW 4/19/17

Vienna Ranks High on
Best Places to Live

According the the Niche Report,
Vienna scores 13th best across Virginia.
See Story in the Vienna Patch.

Summer on the

Coming Up

First up: talented James Madison High School Jazz Band on May 5. All concerts begin at 6:30 PM. Bring chairs, blankets, munchies, but no alcohol please.

Click HERE for the complete summer's lineup.


ISS Video

Swing on board as Astronaut Sunita William shows off her digs a couple of hundred miles above Earth. This homey, low key but fascinating tour is packed with information on living in space, and is recommended for anyone with a technical bent, especially the young set.

Why does this work?

Make a circle or square on
the floor with masking tape,
and your cat will go there.
Any explanations?



noun or verb. The act of absorbing oneself so fully into an iphone as to lose awareness of the surroundings, sometimes with undesirable results.

Click and watch the surfsnoozer on a New York train platform Tuesday.

Did you set your
clocks ahead?


Swim Power!

James Madison High School girls swim and dive team came in first in statewide competition.

The boys team came in 2nd place after edging out Oakton.

The Boss meets an unusually skilled apprentice.

This will put a smile on every Springsteen fan.


The Hill

Perfect day, stately mansions along shady streets, hundreds of interested and interesting folks, free lemonade and cookies along the route, and tons of azaleas of every imaginable color.

Walking Windover Heights, Vienna's Olde Towne, is a springtime tradition at once casual and genteel, dating back four decades. Sunday's walk mixed in a bit of info on energy state-of-art.

Can a meter actually run backwards? Yes. A solar energy engineer points out features of Council Member Carey Sienicki's installation

The DC Electric Vehicle Club showed up with seven fume-free rides.

VA Del. Mark Keam couldn't resist checking out a model legally classed a golf cart, but does 65.

Public Hearing
Vienna Town Hall

Wednesday, April 26, 8PM

The Vienna Planning Commission will consider a proposal by the owner of four contiguous land plots at the intersection of Maple Avenue

and Follin Lane to subdivide the land, which is part of Westbriar Civic Association Zone B. The land is Zoned RS16, which means single family, minimum 16,000 square feet. Although none of the present individual lots are large enough to be subdivided, in aggregate the land could be divided to accomodate up to seven homes meeting RS16 specifications. The addresses are 101, 103, and 201 Mashie Drive, and 701 Maple Ave SE. See current Map and proposed new home layout.

A related issue is the disposition of a small frontage road between the properties and Maple Avenue. The road originally provided parking, since the homes built at the time typically had no garages.

A proposal to rezone the same four properties early last year to allow townhouses was defeated.

Update: 4/27/17 The subdivision discussion was continued to the May 10 meeting to allow time to obtain legal advice on the ownership of a frontage road along Maple Avenue, and to examine a claim that driveways to the proposed houses would constitute a safety hazard.
Update: 5/11/17 The Planning Commission certified that the proposal had met all applicable zoning requirements.


Clean Sweep

With the melting of surprise snowstorm Stella, the Vienna DPW will be turning its attention back to the annual spring cleanup. Notices will be posted in your subdivisions to advise of dates. Please help the Town to get the best sweep by not parking your vehicle on the street.


Police IT Upgrade

Vienna Police will get an upgraded software package to handle its operations. The $95,000 purchase was approved by Town Council 3/13/17