The following articles have previously been published on the Westbriar Crier.



Prepayment of

2018 Taxes

Fairfax County and the Town of Vienna are following other nearby jurisdictions in accepting prepayment of property taxes. For more information on Fairfax, click HERE.

In the case of Vienna, the deadline is 4:30 PM on Friday December 29 at the Town Hall finance desk, or dropoff by the front door. You can also pay by credit card on line HERE. Sorry for the short notice, but this just came in today.



Real Estate

Jim Nelson, a Long and Foster agent and resident of Westbriar Zone E over on Westwood Drive, has put together a comprehensive report on property sales and trends in Vienna. It is rather interesting stuff. To take a look, click on Jim's photo at the left.

Westbriar members in good standing may promote their businesses for free in the Crier.



Westbriar's signature fundraising activity is only days away. It is a beautiful sight when the weather is right. The Luminaria is also a metaphor for how much can be accomplished when we all work together, in the sense of keeping our neighborhoods friendly, safe, and valuable.

The forecast for the 24th is iffy at the moment. In this case, the metaphor is our recognition that we are not always stronger than nature. If a No-Go, make another try the next night.


Zone H has
New Officer

Westbriar Civic Association welcomes a new staff team, Chuck and Polly Dombroski, who will represent Zone H on the Board of Directors.

Chuck and Polly live at 912 Fairway Drive with their dog, Iggy.


When you synch your camera to a chopper's rotor


F35 Shows off its Hover Capability


Our trillion dollar air superiority fighter has of late been showing off its unique capabilities to hover, to land vertically, and to take off on zero or very short runways.

It's been a long time coming, and its future is still up in the air. But you will enjoy seeing the Star Wars flight characteristics of this new generation of jet.


UPDATE 12/20/17

Last Call for Leaves

The Town of Vienna is now doing the third leaf collection pass.

Leaves brought to the curb by December 31 will be vacuumed up. If you miss that deadline, you will have to bag your leaves, and they will be picked up on your usual trash pickup day.