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These stories have previously appeared in the Westbriar Crier

School in Session ... 9/5/13 

... and the new high tech stop sign is in service at Old Courthouse Road and Pine Valley Drive.

The first three days of school have all been under bright skies. The advantages will show up in low visibility days.

Other ideas are being discussed to enhance the safety of this key pedestrian cross walk.

Drive Carefully!


Olympics-Bound? 9/8/13     

Way to go, Lana!

With all the bad news one hears about in the world, it is really great to to report something positive. Such is the case here, courtesy of happy grandma, Audrey Neeson on Fairway Drive.

Nine year old Lana McWhorter, who lives in Manassas, and attends Thurgood Marshall ES, placed Number One on the USA team in her age group, at the International Aerobic Gymnastics Championships held in Las Vegas in early August. USA Team also did very well, but eventually lost to Japan.

Audrey is bubbling over with pride at her granddaughter's accomplishments, and rightfully so. "Judges noted that she was the only one who smiled continuously through all routines," she said.

So is the Olymics on the horizon? Maybe so. It certainly looks like Lana has the right stuff.


And they're Off! 10/5/13

The annual Navy Federal Credit Union 5K Run drew over 800 participants, and raised over $20,000 for charitable activities.

The runners crossed the start line at 9:00 AM this morning, marked by a huge arch of colorful ballons.


Remember that house set ablaze for training a few weeks back?

NEW Latest Addition 9/30/13

Its replacement forms the background in the left photo for what knowledgeable Westbriar residents refer to as our own local Vienna Police substation. We will not disclose its exact location, (wink) but will say that we all appreciate what they do in keeping motorists aware that we like our streets safe, and speed laws observed.

The Vienna-Tysons area is a very hot real estate market, and especially strong in new housing starts when compared with national trends.


Westbriar Theft Solved 10/6/13 Stymied by the impossibly high cost of bird feed over the last months, John Savanick of Fairway Drive resorted to high tech detective techniques.

Using a Hunten GSC30 game camera triggered by a motion sensor and using infrared flash, Savanck finally caught the culprit red-hoofed.

The date/time stamp along the left edge of the images revealed that it took only six minutes to eat half a feeder full of kernels.

Also, ......


Town Hall Notes ... 10/18/13

67th Halloween Parade Wednesday Night 7PM
RESERVE YOUR COPY OF THE HALLOWEEN PARADE ON DVD The entire Vienna Halloween Parade - including extra footage of the costumed kids - is available on DVD for purchase. To reserve your copy, complete an order form, available online or at the Vienna Community Center, 120 Cherry Street SE by 5 p.m. on Friday, November 1. DVDs will be ready beginning November 11 and can be picked up at the Community Center or mailed for an additional fee of $5. The cost is $10 each.

Vienna's Club Phoenix Teen Center will be sending notes of appreciation to our military, past and present, by participating in the 'A Million Thanks' program this holiday season. Individuals, schools, churches, businesses and other organizations can help by writing cards, letters, emails and other correspondence expressing their appreciation for all of our military members. The Teen Center will collect all correspondence and package them for delivery. Correspondence should be dropped off at the Vienna Community Center by November 22, in order to be delivered in time for the holidays. For more information and guidelines, please call (703) 255-6360.

Town of Vienna dog licenses will be available beginning Friday, November 1, in the Finance Department at Town Hall, 127 Center Street S. All dogs over four months old must be licensed by January 31 each year. The license fee for each dog is $10. A current rabies vaccination certificate must be shown if the rabies vaccination expires by January 31, 2014, or for any dog new to town. Dogs trained and serving as guide dogs for the blind, hearing dogs for the deaf, and service dogs for the mobility impaired must be licensed but are exempt from the license tax. Dog tags are also available by mail. Call (703) 255-6323 for more information or visit HERE.

Vienna Recognized
has earned Silver Certification in the Virginia Municipal League's 2013 Green Government Challenge, a friendly competition among local governments to encourage reduction of carbon emissions. Awards were presented October 14, at the annual VML conference in Arlington, VA. Vienna was awarded silver certification for achieving 135 points out of a possible 200 "green points." The Town was recognized for its green efforts based on its strong waste management, land-use and transportation policies, high community participation and involvement, and innovative programs that support a greener community including the community garden project at Vienna Elementary School, the annual Vienna Green Expo, the Sustainable Home and Garden tour, the Green Homes Initiative, the Green Business Recognition Award, leaf mulching and delivery, purchasing local organic products, creating green gardens and recycling options. Town employees have also implemented a number of on-the-job green programs such as office paper recycling, use of earth-friendly cleaning products and purchase of hybrid vehicles. The Town's entry into the Green Government Challenge is coordinated through the Planning and Zoning Department in conjunction with the Community Enhancement Commission.

Oktoberfest: Wunderbar 10/5/13

Twice as good as last year, which was twice as good as the year before. If this keeps up, it will have to be taxed or declared illegal.

It did all of Church, from Mill to Center.

It filled the Town Green. It surrounded the Caboose on all sides. It had all you could want for a day of fun.

There was a great band to groove and dance to.

There were many things that kept the younger set interested and involved.

The weather was perfect.

Wall-to Wall residents enjoying thier town

Best brats this side of Sheboygan

Scaling a 40 foot tower

Some in Lederhosen, some not.

Caboose is always popular


Police Notes 9/29/13

Break-ins, Westbriar

Two recent burglary cases have been reported in Westbriar Civic Association boundaries which might be related, given the proximity in time and area. The first occured in the 500 Block of Mashie Drive, SE September 04. The resident reported that someone had forced entry into his residence and had taken several items of property. This case is being investigated. The other occured in the 600 Block Niblick Drive, SE Between September 11 at 12:00 a.m. and September 13 at 7:00 p.m. A resident reported that a person had attempted to break into his home via the French doors on the back deck. Police noted several pry marks on the door, handle and frame. Entry into the home was not achieved.

Scam Alert: Vienna Police are advising the public of a rash of telephone scams recently. Typically, a caller informs his victim that a utility bill is overdue and unless payment is provided, the utility would be disconnected. The form of payment demanded is to purchase a prepaid debit card and then call the individual back with the validation numbers for the cards.

Another variation is that the caller poses as a law enforcement official, and claims his victim is wanted on outstanding traffic warrants. Again, the victim is directed to pay by a prepaid debit card. Do not be decieved by this scam, and instead, report any such demand directly to the police.

Halloween Parade: The Town is requesting that residents attending the parade refrain from "holding their place" along the route by depositing blankets or lawn furniture earlier in the day. This creates a safety hazard as well as an unsightly streetscape.