The following articles have appeared in the Westbriar Crier:

NEW Vienna Elections Tuesday May 6

The Mayor and three councilmembers will be elected this year with 2 year terms effective July 1, 2014 - Laurie DiRocco (right) appointed to fill the term of the late Jane Seeman, is running unopposed for Mayor.


6 candidates are running for 3 Council seats:

Mike L. Cheselka, 317 Cabin Road, SE
Linda Jane Colbert, 851 Shady Drive, SE
Edythe Kelleher (Incumbent)   210 Cedar Lane
Pasha M. Majdi   411 Pine Street, SE
Dennis E. Rice   412 Glyndon Street, NE
Tara L. Voigt   910 Meadow Lane, SW

Update: The Northeast Vienna Citizens Association hosted a well-attended forum last night (Tuesday April 22) at the Vienna Community Center. The six candidates presented their qualifications and visions of Vienna in the years ahead. A recurring theme was the special challenges and opportunities presented by the fast-track growth of Tysons and the imminent opening of the Silver Line.

At right, Candidate Dennis Rice responds to a question from the panel.



Historic Vienna, Inc., the Town of Vienna and the residents of the Windover Heights Historic District will sponsor Walk on the Hill, a self-guided walking tour through specially marked lawns and gardens in the Windover Heights Historic District. Browse through any yard with a "Yard Open" sign and tour the grounds of the Historic District.

Sunday, April 27 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

A concert will be offered by the Vienna Community Band at 3 p.m. During the walk, Ayr Hill Garden Club will present a small standard flower show at 307 Windover Avenue NW. Several streets will be closed to vehicular traffic. Refreshments will be served. The event is free and open to the public.



Do You Have a Plan?

Fairfax County Chairman Sharon Bulova thought a while before posting this link on her Facebook page, since the subject matter is something many people don't want to think about. But with VA Tech, Sandy Hook, Ft Hood, Navy Yard, and now, Nairobi, she thought the greater good was to see it.

This video, produced by the Houston Police, could save your life.






Lights, Sound, Action! 12/3/13

Church Street Stroll offically brings the
Yule Season to Vienna.

Well over a thousand hardy folks braved the crisp temperatures to join the fun last night as the Mayor lighted the Town's Christmas Tree, ushering in the Holiday Season.

The original Presbyterian Church looks down at the newly-lighted tree.

But nobody seemed cold, thanks to a bottomless supply of hot chocolate served up by Cathy Salgado and her crew from the Town's Department of Parks and Recreation.

The Church Street Stroll is a long-
standing and immensely popular Vienna program.

The night seemed to be owned by the young set. Infants in strollers, toddlers perched on Daddy's shoulders, and the elementary-agers easily made up half the crowd. The early evening program is bedtime-friendly.

Music was served up on a portable band shell parked at the trail.

Here, the class from Wolftrap Elementary School belt out a few favorites.

Trains were a big draw as the caboose, decked out in bows and boughs welcomed a steady flow of visitors.

Meanwhile the Northern Virginia Model Railroaders showed off their awesome handiwork at the historic train station.

The marshmellow roasting pit was a popular spot on Church Street.


Town Hall Meetings Now on Live TV 10/29/13

Vienna residents no longer have to go to the twice-per-month Town Council Meetings to see what is happening in the Vienna government. You can now see it all on Cox 38.27 or Verizon FIOS 27.

For many years, Vienna Town Meeting videos have been available a day or two later on the Vienna website. But the single camera was stationary in the center of the room's ceiling, and showed only the back of the speaker as he or she addressed the Council members. Now, there are several cameras, and the proceedings are covered professionally by panning, and zooming to the person speaking at the moment.

It turns out that the first member of the public to address the Town Council on the new televised system was from the Westbriar Civic Association. Click HERE, about 4 minutes in.









New Deputy Police Chief Takes Office

Vienna Chief of Police Jim Morris has announced the appointment of Daniel Janickey as the new Deputy Chief of Police. He will succeed Captain Mike Miller, who retired on October 1, 2013, after serving 29 years with the Vienna Police Department.

Janickey was selected from among 103 candidates. "Dan has over 24 years of local law enforcement experience and brings with him a very diverse resume of accomplishments," said Chief Morris. "He will be a great addition to the Town of Vienna Police department and the community."

Commenting on Chief Morris' selection, Town Manager Mercury Payton said, "The selection for Deputy Chief is indicative of the Town's commitment to excellent service. I expect that Dan will immediately assist the Chief in advancing the goals for the department."

Janickey began with the Fairfax County Police Department in 1989 as a police officer and has held several positions during his career with the department, most recently serving as Commander of the McLean District station. He has held several leadership roles within the County's police department including positions in hostage negotiations, special operations, incident support services and peer support, and internal affairs. Janickey also held the position of Assistant Commander of the Franconia District station and has previously worked out of Sully District and the Mason District stations. Janickey holds a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from Bluefield College in Bluefield, Virginia and completed the Executive Leadership certificate program at American University in Washington, DC. He holds several professional certifications including leadership, hostage negotiations, emergency management, crisis intervention, interrogation, public speaking and investigations.

Janickey will assume his official duties with the Town of Vienna on January 21, 2014.













Green Dot Scam More Active Than Ever 4/16/14

Police in Vienna and Fairfax have issued alerts on a growing problem: A scam by which people are tricked or intimidated into buying a certain prepaid money transfer card. The card most often used is the Paypal Green Dot card sold by CVS Pharmacy, Walmart, and other popular businesses.

The scam is initiated by telephone, and there are many variations. For example, the victim is told that he or she has won a huge prize, and must send in a payment to cover taxes. Or the victim is told they missed showing up for jury duty, and must send a payment to avoid arrest. Or the victim is told that their grandchild is in jail in a foreign country, and he must send bail payment to get the problem solved.

Another variation is on the internet. You will be browsing, and suddenly a screen comes up that is very official looking, with FBI and Justice Department Logos. It will claim you have looked at copyrighted materials, or listened to music you had not paid for, or other violations. Your computer will be frozen on that page. Your recouse is to ... you guessed it ... to go purchase a Green Dot Money Card, and email the numbers to an address provided. Once you email the money, your computer still does not function. More demands for money are made.

The victim is told to make payment with a prepaid money card such as this. It is untraceable.



Tuesday, March 4, is the filing deadline for candidates in the May 6 Vienna Town Council election. This year, voters will elect Mayor and three Town Council members for two-year terms beginning July 1. Candidates for office must meet certain qualifications and are required to file specific documents in order to qualify to appear on the ballot. The information packet for candidates is available on the State Board of Election's Web site, For more information, call 1-800-552-9745 and ask for the Election Services Division.

Vienna Parks and RecreationÕs Club Phoenix Teen Center, 120 Cherry Street SE, will host a free program for boys ages 11 through 15 on Saturday, March 22, from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. called Boys Workshop: Awakening the Inner Leader. This program is intended to help young boys develop a strong self-image, support the growth of positive self-esteem and strengthen basic life skills. Several speakers will participate in the program, including Coach Mark "Pudge" Gjormand and Vienna Police Department officers, and will discuss a variety of topics including working as team players, how to be successful in relationships and making positive choices. The program is free; however, registration is required. Register by contacting Tammy Funk at (703) 255-5736


From the Mail Bag

From: L.S. Sent: Monday, March 03, 2014 5:05 PM
Subject: Why isn't our street plowed?

Hi Answerman. Any idea why the 1000 block of Echols St SE is the only unplowed street in the neighborhood? The Town of Vienna truck did Kramer St. and Polly St. but never came back to our end of Echols. I'm pretty peeved, give that Niblick St. is down to blacktop. It's almost as though the plow driver thinks our end is the job of Fairfax County. If there is someone I can complain to, please let me know. Thanks, LS

Hi, L.S. There definitely is a logical hierarchy worked out in advance. I assure you it is not adhoc. And no confusion on where FAX-Vienna line is. We both live on Echols, and are contending alike. So to be completely honest, I think that there are some adjustments which could be made to the schedule, but be warned, it could be a two-edged sword.

Our end of Echols is by sight and casual feel, certainly lower in priority than Niblick or Wolftrap. These later serve, after all, OLGC. Our neighborhood would not think of firing up the car to drive our kid to OLGC, I hope. But, it is a fact that Echols Street is a major carrier due to being the only possible route to take some heat off 123. If we didn't provide it, who would? We probably should rise in the hierarchy due to the Woodford Wolftrap, Echols, Branch route. I am sorta inclined to remove a 123 road block early, but other parts of me like the break from zoom. I drive a RAV4, which refuses to be stopped by any reasonable storm, can make it to the street unassisted by shovel. But when they come by with the plow and seal me in, I experience thoughts I rarely visit.

But the snow has just stopped, and Fed Gov is closed, there is no traffic anywhere, (I was out there), my inclination is just to see what happens, where we are, relative, and then decide to plant our flag. Or not. Cheers. Good hearing from you. Almost done gorging on the cookies. I bet your girls were the Top Scout Cookie Sellers!


From: S.K.
Sent: Tuesday, March 03, 2014 7:05 AM
Subject: When will the Silver Line start?
It seems to be taking sooooo long.

Hi, S.K. Let's break that down into two questions to be considered separately? First, When? When is a question that survived the scorge of civilization up until this very day, second only to the mighty Why? It goes to the heart of the unknown but cataclysmic event, and our striving to be in control of time above place. . . . . and, Secondly, Will the Silver Line start? Yes. Thanks for writing.



Several hundred turned out on the Town Green tonight, December 18 to sing some favorite holiday songs The event was free and open to all ages and skill levels.

A lively rendition of "Jingle Bells"

Nice job on "Silent Night"

Daddy roasts up some marshmellows


Boxwood Blight The Virginia Cooperative Extension has issued additional information on the boxwood blight that has been found in Fairfax County. With the coming of the holiday season, residents are urged to be careful when using boxwood garland and cuttings in their holiday decorations. Spores on infected boxwood plants can be spread through plant debris adhering to shoes or on tools used to trim greenery. You can learn more about Boxwood Blight on the VCE website






Ice Covers All 12/9/13

Much of Virginia woke up Monday morning to a mixed blessing. On one hand, it is beautiful. On the other, it is destructive and dangerous. On the third hand, the schools are all closed, and what that does is to be determined individually

About a quarter inch of ice glazed everythiing in sight as a misty rain fell last night in below-freezing temperatures.

A Japanese Maple shimmers in its wintery envelope.









On Kramer Drive SE, A tree fell to the ground, largely sparing a parked car which sustained only damage to the passenger side mirror.

Utility lines were brought down from the weight of the ice. Power was lost on the 1000 block of Echols Street SE.

Refuse pickup in Westbriar's NE Vienna was postponed to Wednesday because of road conditions.








Westbriar ES Auction 1/30/14

Parents Night Out & Auction

March 1, 2013

This is a Fund Raiser for Westbriar classroom technology. We need your help in coming up with auction items.

* Gift certificates to local restaurants
* Basket of goodies from local stores
* Donation of services (Teens can help here)

Please contact Cathy Ghaleb or Christine Hosch for more ideas of how you can help.

This is for a great cause. Even if you do not have children in Westbriar, it is our neighborhood school.

New Vienna Braces for Big Snow 2/12/14

8 to 10 inches of snow on the way! Deeper to the west along the Blue Ridge. Starting tonight about 7 PM, Virginia will be hit with a major snow storm, which will follow the 81 and 95 corridors up through Pennsylvania and on to New England. You can click on the red Severe Weather link in the weather advisory (top right) for lastest conditions and estimates as the storm moves through.

No, ...

It won't be quite this bad.

Refuse Pickup is suspended for Thursday, and Thursday and Friday pickups are moved to Friday.

Vienna Parks and Recreation drop-in programs and special events are cancelled. The Planning Commision meeting scheduled for tonight, February 12, is concelled. Liberal Leave for non-essential Vienna personnel is in effect for Thursday.

Downed trees, power lines, and water main breaks: Report to Vienna Police non-emergency number 703-255-6366

Power Outages: Report to Dominion Power Company at 1-866-366-4357

If you have a neighbor that could use some help in digging out Friday, and you can spare some energy, please consider it.

Vienna Closes out the Week with a Party
The tables were laden with the best cookies around, and the punch bowl was a poplular spot as the Town Hall was open for socializing.

Mayor Seeman and the Town Council hosted the annual Holiday Reception for Viennians, one of several unique traditions that makes our town special.

Local Author Introduces an Important Life Guide 10/13/13

Jenifer Joy Madden speaks of ways we can keep ourselves durable.

I was at Jammin' Java this afternoon for an authors' meet, and picked up a copy of Jenifer's newly published Manifesto. This thin but powerful booklet can be read in five minutes, but the ideas expressed could change your life. It is best read slowly. And with introspection.

Especially, if you are a parents of young children and have nagging uncertainties about the fact that today's kids spend 7 hours a day looking at a screen. Or, if you are simply looking for affirmation that there are others out there that might share your mixed feelings about the Computer Age.

About the Author...

Jenifer Joy Madden is multi-faceted Renaissance Woman, who juggles many disparate facets of her life with seeming ease and light-heartedness, yet brings a certain gravitas and order to all she touches.

A science, environment, and relationship communicator, civic leader, speaker, and journalism professor, Jenifer serves our end of town well through her accomplishments in transportation planning for Tysons. She is widely known as the force behind the new pedestrian bridge linking Vienna to the Wolf Trap Filene Center.

Available at Amazon

Measuring up Westbriar 9/29/13

If you see someone walking what appears to be a red wheel along the sidewalk, here's the lowdown: It is a rotating ruler.

For 50 years, the Luminaria program distributed 10 candles for every house and 20 for corner houses. While simple, it was not very realistic. Because home lots vary in size, it resulted in a non-uniform look. Especially in cul-de-sacs, where the pie-shaped lots called for fewer candles per house, it resulted in quite a blaze. A waste, really.

So, our new computerized data base now has an additional column: Your lot's street footage. By the magic of computers and Excel programming, we can now just plug in the desired candle spacing, and instantly, every one of the 435 Westbriar houses will have its required candles, with spacings nice and uniform down the whole street.

Another reason for this effort is economics. Nearly two thirds of the revenue raised go back into buying more candles for the next year. The cost of the Luminaria materials continues to go up, as well as the costs of registering and hosting this newsletter. We want to keep the costs down, and have recently done some subjective testing at night. We find that we can space the candles out farther, and still achieve the same beautiful look. So, starting this year, we are going to aim for 15 feet between candles. This will forestall the day when we have to raise our annual fee. And it should be good news for everyone, since folding bags and setting them out is not the most enjoyable part of the Luminaria.

The measurements are not super accurate, like it would be with a surveyor. We take our cues from fences, utility boxes, and how people mow their lawns. You can look at our data base and see the figure we came up with for your house.

If anyone would like some extra candles, perhaps for a summer patio party, to line your walk to the front door for a Christmas party, or to fill a gap created by a new house under construction, you need only give us a call. We have extras on hand, yours for the asking.