August 15, 2018

Epiphany United Methodist Church

1014 Country Club Dr. NE
Vienna, VA 22180

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

On Sunday, August 12th at a special church conference, our congregation made a difficult decision to eventually close our Epiphany United Methodist Church ministry and mission at a yet to be determined time, and to join another congregation in the surrounding area. It is important to note that our decision was a step in a process that started months ago, and will continue as we work through the details for closing. Included in those details will be the disposition of the property, which will require coordination with our District Superintendent and staff. While we anticipate starting those coordination discussions soon, we know the earliest possible date for closure is June 30, 2019.

Our decision to close was based on a vote of Epiphany members present at the church conference. In the months preceding the vote, many of the members were involved in a detailed examination and reflection of Epiphany’s membership, attendance, finances, volunteerism, etc., along with the demographics of the surrounding area. We have experienced a declining trend in many of the afore mentioned categories over a long period of time. That trend, along with well documented demographic characteristics of the immediate area around Epiphany suggest the decline would continue unless we made dramatic changes.

Through many, many prayerful sessions over the past several months, we looked at a variety of options for moving forward. We have prayed over the options and listened for God's will. There are many questions that will need to be answered and many decisions that will need to be made. Like you, we are concerned about the disposition of the church facility and property. For more than 50 years, the congregation of Epiphany United Methodist Church has cherished the relationship with the friends and neighbors living in the surrounding community. As we move forward in this process, we will endeavor to keep you informed.

Sent on behalf of the Epiphany United Methodist Church Leadership Team