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TP Shortage: What’s Going On?

There is no shortage of trees, and surely we’re are not going to the bathroom more often.  So what’s up?

While hoarding, panic buying, and herd mentality does play some role, the real reason is much more down-to-Earth.  Toilet paper comes in two different styles:  Commercial and Home.  With so many people working at home, and increasingly not working at all, the demand for Home style has exploded, and the demand for Commercial style has correspondingly shrunk.

The two styles are very different.  Commercial comes on huge rolls which do not fit your bathroom’s dispenser.  It’s thinner, and the texture is different, less … um … comfortable.  More importantly, the materials come from different mills in most cases.  It takes time to make the switch over and get the distribution chains in synch, not like flipping a switch.

So, the shortage is real, not just caused by bad consumer behavior.  But the good news is that the manufacturers are working hard on it, and things will be getting better.

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No Wipes in the Pipes

Fairfax County has asked all media sources to help them with a serious problem by getting this word out.

The current Covid-19 situation has caused a surge in purchase and use of anti-germ wipes.  Many people have been flushing them down the toilet.

Please be advised that wipes (even those brands that claim “Flushable”) are NOT flushable.  Only toilet paper is engineered to disintegrate in water.

Avoid a disgusting and expensive sewer backup into your home.  Even if the wipe gets beyond your property, its ride to the sewage processing plant has just begun.  The blockages are serious, since they don’t fix themselves.  It involves digging up streets, and lots of man hours.  Water/Sewer rates may have to be adjusted.  Please help.  You are the only one who can.




Wipes of any kind

Feminine hygiene products

Paper towels

Dental floss

Cotton swabs


Nothing except human waste and TP

Signs of the Times

A teen’s disappointment of having to cancel his birthday bash is mitigated by a huge message of support from family and friends.

Luminaria: Spectacular

The great weather conditions, the hard work of our distribution staff, and most of all, the contributions of all in our community, made this one of the best displays ever.

Vienna Mayor to Retire

Mayor Laurie DiRocco announced at Monday’s Council Meeting that she will not seek re-election next May.  DiRocco served as Councilmember from 2009 to 2014, and as Mayor since then.

“I have served on the council for over a decade and served on town boards and commissions for six years prior to that, so after 17 years of service to the town, I would like to start a new chapter in my life and pursue some other interests,” DiRocco said.

“I am so grateful to the many citizens who have supported me over the years,” DiRocco said. “I am very humbled because many of you are so active and involved yourselves.”