Cedar Lane Bridge Removal

Nighttime in the southern part of Vienna is a little bumpy at the moment.The abutments and spans are being removed from the Cedar Lane bridge over Route 66 and the Metro Orange Line. Most of the work is done at night to minimize impact on traffic.

While efforts are being made to mitigate the disturbance to residents, such as directing the powerful lights downward, and using trucks to remove the rubble only in the daytime, the rhythmic thumps of breaking concrete is taking a toll on those closest.

The bridge is being completely removed and replaced with a wider span to allow for four new express lanes, and a trail on each side.

The project is expected to take about six months to complete.  In the meantime, Gallows Road is the only practical way to get to Merrifield and points east and west on Route 29-211.

For a detailed description of the bridge project, click Here.