Civil War Fort added to Vienna Historic Sites

Originally published 11/23/12

The Town Council voted unanimously in the 1219 session to make an addition to the list of Vienna Historic Sites and Places.

At 330 Center Street N, accessible by stairway from the American Legion Post 180 parking lot and another parking lot above it, is the site of an interesting strategic Union asset. This is the highest point in Vienna, and second only in the region to Tysons Hill. It overlooked a sizable rail switching yard below in the area where the caboose is situated.

The railroad continued on to the west, but in 1863 the Confederate forces were regularly blowing up the rails and bridges beyond, making Vienna effectively the end of the line. Union Soldiers were stationed on this high ground to sound the alarm and defend against trouble from the west. During the Town Hall proceedings, Mayor Seeman recounted her recollections of friends with metal detectors finding the area rich in artifacts.

Today, one can still see the network of trenches that soldiers could use to advantage. The best view is actually from the air, which reveals the hill to have a six-pointed cross section. Detailed information is available at American Legion Post 180.