Cold Weather Cures the Noise

Originally published 7/20/12

A five story building on Follin Lane has been recently renovated, and has acquired a noisy air conditioning system. So noisy, that it can be heard on Niblick Drive. So noisy that it seriously affects living on Mashie Drive. “Some nights, I have to sleep in the basement”, said Ken Foley, a resident of the Mashie Drive house closest to the offending office building.

The matter has been brought to the attention of Vienna’s Town Council which has responded by initiating an engineering evaluation to quantify the sound levels. According to Vienna government personnel, the building’s engineering staff are aware of the problem, and are currently working with the equipment’s manufacturer to solve it.

There are a total of 23 rooftop cooling units, each of which has ten fan driven motors. One of the problems seems to be that no matter what the outdoor temperature is, either all 230 fans are running at top speed, or they are all turned off. No provision seems to be made to modify the operating configuration as the cooling demands change. A barrier has been erected on the rooftop in an attempt to direct the sound upwards, but it has not been effective.

Old Man Winter has brought welcome relief from the droning of the propellers. We hope that next summer will see a permanent solution.