Countdown to H-Day

Originally published on 2/22/16

A pair of Bald Eagles, our American Icon, is expecting. In a nest perched high in a Tulip Poplar tree at the D.C. National Arboretum, two eggs laid on Feb. 10 and 14 will be hatching on or about March 16. Meanwhile you can keep an eye on the young Parents-to-Be as they work in shifts to keep the eggs warm around the clock. Two high resolution cameras are equipped with infrared illuminators, so we can tune in even at night. Expand to full screen for best viewing experience.

Both Mom and Dad helped build the nest, which is a huge conglomeration of branches and grass, weighing up to a ton. and spanning perhaps 8 feet in diameter. Click HERE for more facts on this magnificent bird.

Click on the flying eagle to take you straight to the live Eagle Cam. After this story goes to the archives, we will place an eagle link in the LINKS section so you will always be one click away.

While you are watching the nest cams, join in the chat. Wildlife experts are acting as moderators to guide the discussion and provide answers to your questions.

This is a great teaching moment for the kids.