Double Dedication

Not one, but two dedication ceremonies took place Tuesday evening at the first redevelopment created under Vienna’s Maple Avenue Commercial zone procedures.

At street level came cheers of “Gimme a C! … Gimme an F! … Gimme an A! … Chick-Fil-A!   A closed party of about a hundred enthusiastic new employees, friends and well-wishers were having a high energy rally to celebrate the Town’s newest chicken restaurant.

Meanwhile, upstairs, caterers readied espresso, champagne, cookies, chocolate strawberries and other yummies as a similar sized crowd gathered for a ribbon cutting to open the new Flagship Car Wash.

A car wash … upstairs?  Yes, it is the first one in the country.  Special attention has been given to the engineering to make sure there are no leaks through the floor.

Flagship owner Guy Paolozzi and Mayor Laurie DiRocco addressed the crowd on the significant “Firsts” of this project.

Jeff Hubley, the owner-operator of the Chick-Fil-A, had finished his party below and came up to join in.

One of the more significant features of this car wash is that all cleaning work is indoors.  Two enormous motor driven belts moves the cars slowly forward under strong lighting as the detail work proceeds.  The crew is comfortable, out of the weather, and able to do a better job.