Eclipse Countdown

Originally published on 6/30/17

Lunar eclipses are a dime a dozen, and partial solar eclipses visible from home are not all that rare. But on August 21 , a total solar eclipse will streak across the entire country from Oregon to South Carolina, and will give those inclined to do some reasonable travel a once-in-a-lifetime blast of cosmic flourish. Much detailed info on this event is available, and here is a particularly good link.

In Vienna, most all of the sun will be eclipsed. But to get the full effect you must go to the path of totality. For us that would be a trip down 81 past Knoxville, or down 95 to South Carolina. If you don’t experience totality, you won’t quite understand what the fuss was all about.

Two things: It needs to be a sunny day ….. and you need to wear special glasses.