End of a Vienna Icon

Originally published 11/26/13

A lavishly authentic dining experience for special occasions, the Garden was also the Source-of-Choice for Chinese carry-out fans.

The closing of Wu’s after so many years has hit its regulars in many ways. From the Crier mail bag is this by Brian A:

Wednesday is the last day – need to get a final order in. I believe I’ve isolated the missing Kang Pao ingredient as Hoisin sauce (just bought some, and it’s definitely in there – solves like 80% of the tastiness mystery). But there are a whole host of unanswered questions: What pieces of chicken do they use? I think it’s just thigh meat, but would need to see it again. Do they marinate the chicken first? If so, in what? What kind of vinegar, and what’s the ratio of vinegar to soy sauce? Do they add sugar beyond what’s in the Hoisin? Is there garlic? Is there ginger? We might have to take it to a lab.

INGREDIENTS Chicken Peanuts Chili peppers Green onions Hoisin sauce Soy sauce Vinegar? Garlic? Ginger? Other?????