Fine Dining in the Days of Covid

A welcome step toward recovery was seen yesterday afternoon, Memorial Day.

Chef Jon Krinn of Clarity, located at Maple Avenue and East Street, created a dining experience which observed all restaurant shut down rules, yet got a jump on the Phase 1 openings which should start soon in Virginia.  His solution was to turn one of their parking lots into a well-spaced seating arrangement under newly erected yellow tents.

Additionally, the food was prepared outdoors, with a huge smoker billowing the delicious aroma of BBQ ribs and brisket.  The cook showed off a tray of a house specialty, roasted stuffed yellow tomatoes.

Westbriar residents Storm and Ricarda Simenson were among the guests later in the beautiful evening.  They chose the Seven Course Sampler, consisting of interesting and diverse items such as Morel mushrooms, seared seabass, spice-crusted venison, and Wagyu Mishima strip loin.

“Top notch, 100% enjoyable,” was Storm’s verdict.  Ricarda added, “Clarity was the last restaurant we went to before the Covid outbreak. It was so nice to be there last night for its reopening.”