First Snow and a Pleasant Surprise.

Originally posted 1/14/15

Starting at midnight, and letting up by noon, Vienna got its first real snowfall of the winter. 

As the day ended, deer and fox tracks criss-crossed Wildwood Park attesting to a well-staffed critter habitat.

Tracks of a different sort were reported by residents of Westbriar Zone A and B. The Crier was deluged by calls, like “Who was that Masked Man?” Driveway snow at dozens of homes was being destroyed by a strange force rarely seen on the planet.

We finally caught up with the mystery man, who was driving a sporty red Jeep outfitted with a plow, leaving trails of bare asphalt in his wake. He said his name is Damien, and roared off seeking more fresh snow.

He would not take money. “I just want to give back a little to the neighborhood,” he explained. “I love the Luminaria and living here. The only thing missing I think, is we should be going out singing carols.”

Maybe Damien can organize that. He certainly is a guy that can get things done