Hello? Social Security Calling ….

Currently, the top scam in the region is a prerecorded voice that advises you that there are problems with your Social Security account. You are told to press #1 to speak to an agent.

The agent will ask you for your SS Number.  The agent will tell you that you are in serious trouble, and you must deposit money immediately to avoid arrest.  He will direct you to go to CVS and purchase a $400 money card.  And to not speak to anyone about it.

You are to return home and wait for his call.  You will read the numbers on the card. With those numbers, the $400 is now in his hands.  He will become more friendly, ask questions about your job, income, family, where you live, where you bank, etc.  He will wish you good day, and assure you that your case will turn out fine.  Don’t worry.

With your SS# and many details about you, he now has your identity.  Your financial problems are about to really begin.

When Social Security calls, just hang up and save yourself from real trouble.