Hot Spots in the News

Originally published 8/21/18

West Coast Fires Continue Unabated

The Mendocino Complex Fire doubled in size in the last few days, making it the largest in California’s recorded history. Yosemite Park has closed indefinitely. A Westbriar resident currently on a business trip in Salt Lake City reports that the sky appears strange especially at dusk.

Governor Jerry Brown claims it is all due to global warming. Arson has been charged in two of the fires.

Mt. Etna Yawns

Sicily’s famous volcano, the largest in Europe, wakened from its semi-slumber this week, belching lava many hundreds of feet into the air. As spectacular as it is, the eruptions are not as dire as one would imagine. Etna has been periodically doing this for thousands of years, and a plume of smoke rising from this peak is quite typical. What Etna has going for it is a continual venting which forestalls build up of extreme pressure. Unlike Vesuvius, or our own St. Helens, a catastrophic blowout is not expected. But then again, who knows?