ISS Coming to Vienna

Originally published 6/16/14

The International Space Station zips around the Earth every 90 minutes, but it is rarely noticed. You have to know when and where to look in the sky. Of course the weatherman has to do his part.

Vienna will be treated to a near perfect overhead pass on Wednesday June 18. It will rise off the horizon in the direction of Reston at 10:34 PM, be directly overhead at 10:37, and just one minute later, when you are really getting to enjoy it, it will enter the Earth’s shadow and suddenly extinguish.

It will be bright, about like Venus, or an airplane with landing lights on. But unlike an airplane, there will be no red, green or white strobe lights. A great educational moment for the kids.

You can find the complete schedule of the ISS here.  The brightness depends upon how high in the sky it appears to be.  Passes that are at least 70 degrees are highly visible.