ISS Prediction

The next highly visible pass of the International Space Station over Vienna VA will be

No visable passes are forecast for next ten days

  Direction Time Distance
Rises NW    
Maximum Height      
Enters Earth Shadow      

The ISS goes around the Earth every 90 minutes, so it would seem that there are lots of them that could be seen. From Vienna, we could see passes as far north as Boston, or as far south as Miami, but these would be very faint, and very low in the sky. WBCrier will list only close passes which appear high in the sky in the evening, and are bright and easy to see. Early morning passes, even if bright, will not be included.

All such passes will either have:
1. first passed over approximately New Orleans and will rise in the SW sky from the direction of Manassas, or will have
2. first passed over approximately Green Bay, and will rise in the NW sky from the direction of Reston.