Our Newsletter

Welcome to Westbriar Crier newsletter, now in its sixth year of publication.

It's not really an "issue" of a newsletter like before. It is a blog, where new stories will be added at the top, and old stories will fall out of the bottom into the archives. Until they reach the archives, stories are subject to updates as new information comes in.

This is your newsletter. Please contact us to suggest stories, or better yet, to contribute your own reporting and writing. If you have a journalism student in the family, here is a good place to get some experience. It is not necessary to stick to "heavy" news like politics and land development issues. Having a yard sale? Let us know and we will put up a notice. Why not publish your favorite recipe for Chicken Fricassee? Direct your contributions to westbriarcivic@verizon.net

Our List Server

The Westbriar Civic Association has a list server. This is an automated email service which we will be using to update you on important time-sensitive information affecting our community. It works sort of like your own email when you are sending to a group from your address book, but it has more capacity and features. We use it to alert you to new content to this newsletter. We would also use it to advise you if the Luminaria is postponed because of weather, and what the new date is. We would use it to alert you to a lost child or dog, or other time-sensitive matters.

Westbriar Civic Association does not collect email addresses. Our List Server is a professional service which uses encription, and interfaces with your IP address. There is no danger of becoming targeted by spam if you enroll. By law, and by the way the service works, we can neither enroll you into the server, or unenroll you if you decide to leave. You must do this yourself.


To JOIN the List Server

1 CLICK HERE. You will be presented with an email addressed to westbriaron@westbriaron.talklist.com
2 Type "Join" in Subject, type your name, address and telephone number in the Body, and click SEND.
3 Look in your E-mail inbox. Shortly, you will receive an email with Subject: "Subscribe Confirmation" and contain codes.
4 Click REPLY. It will be addressed back to itself. Click SEND. Shortly, you will receive your Subscribe Confirmation. It will tell you if you are successfully enrolled.

You must do all 4 steps.

To Leave the List Server

To unenroll, send an email with any subject or body
from the subscribed address* to:


* It is important that you unenroll from the same IP address from which you enrolled.