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Originally published 5/18/16

Review by John Shreffler, Westbriar Crier

Vienna author Jenifer Joy Madden herself swims comfortably in the digital sea, but has some well-reasoned misgivings about overexposure for our youngest set. Especially if that exposure begins to displace the learning processes vital to understanding the world in the way our million years of genetic tuning has deemed best for survival.

Young parents today think nothing of tossing sophisticated toys into the crib, not fully appreciating the fact that we are in uncharted territory. Aside from the fact of spending huge amounts of childhood time thumbing entertaining and (sometimes educational) items, does it really beat understanding how moss feels to one’s bare feet, or how to bait a fishhook, or how to tell if a storm is coming?

As one follows the train of Madden’s thoughts, there may be a recollection of hearing one’s own inner voice touching on these very same concerns but dismissing it because Mattel or Apple must know best. That inner voice may not be wrong.