A Message from Fairfax Park Service

This was Scott’s Run Nature Preserve on Saturday. Trash was scattered across trails, creeks and the waterfall area. The previous two weeks led to 94 bags of trash. Nature preserves need protection. If you pack it in, please pack it out at ALL of our Fairfax County Park Authority locations. Thank you!

It is sad to have to say to those who should know better, or those who were never told, or those who are new to our country, but:

When visiting places, especially those preserved expressly for your enjoyment of the beauty,

Take only your memories,

Leave only your footprints.

Cedar Lane Bridge Removal

Nighttime in the southern part of Vienna is a little bumpy at the moment.The abutments and spans are being removed from the Cedar Lane bridge over Route 66 and the Metro Orange Line. Most of the work is done at night to minimize impact on traffic.

While efforts are being made to mitigate the disturbance to residents, such as directing the powerful lights downward, and using trucks to remove the rubble only in the daytime, the rhythmic thumps of breaking concrete is taking a toll on those closest.

The bridge is being completely removed and replaced with a wider span to allow for four new express lanes, and a trail on each side.

The project is expected to take about six months to complete.  In the meantime, Gallows Road is the only practical way to get to Merrifield and points east and west on Route 29-211.

For a detailed description of the bridge project, click Here.

Fine Dining in the Days of Covid

A welcome step toward recovery was seen yesterday afternoon, Memorial Day.

Chef Jon Krinn of Clarity, located at Maple Avenue and East Street, created a dining experience which observed all restaurant shut down rules, yet got a jump on the Phase 1 openings which should start soon in Virginia.  His solution was to turn one of their parking lots into a well-spaced seating arrangement under newly erected yellow tents.

Additionally, the food was prepared outdoors, with a huge smoker billowing the delicious aroma of BBQ ribs and brisket.  The cook showed off a tray of a house specialty, roasted stuffed yellow tomatoes.

Westbriar residents Storm and Ricarda Simenson were among the guests later in the beautiful evening.  They chose the Seven Course Sampler, consisting of interesting and diverse items such as Morel mushrooms, seared seabass, spice-crusted venison, and Wagyu Mishima strip loin.

“Top notch, 100% enjoyable,” was Storm’s verdict.  Ricarda added, “Clarity was the last restaurant we went to before the Covid outbreak. It was so nice to be there last night for its reopening.”

Meet the Council Member Candidates

This year’s Vienna Election is a bit more exciting than most in that seven candidates are running for the three open Council Member seats.  The Election is Tuesday May 19 6AM – 7PM at the Community Center, for those who have not already mailed in absentee ballots.

Responding to our request, here are statements from each of the Council Member candidates.


Ray Brill

Vienna has been our home since 2005.   We love the small town friendliness.

I seek to serve on Town Council to solve pressing issues including the aftermath of the pandemic. My corporate, congressional, legal, community and church  leadership experiences are ideally suited to deal with these issues using practical, common-sense solutions.  I have been a corporate CEO, Chairman of Board of a Salvation Army Chapter, Pastor and Scoutmaster.

I graduated from the Air Force Academy, served as pilot, earned MBA /UCLA, JD/Florida, MDiv/VA Theological Seminary.  See


Chuck Anderson

These are extraordinary times; however, the qualities for town council needed today are quite ordinary.  They are:  experience, judgement, compassion and commitment.

Chuck Anderson has those qualities.  Chuck is a long-time citizen organizer and advocate for appropriately-scaled development in Vienna.  A former member and chair of the Planning Commission, Chuck has served on a number of other boards and civic associations in Vienna, and has been active in church and scouts.

Chuck has led the fight against excessive development on Maple Avenue, including Marco Polo, 380 Maple and the Sunrise assisted living proposal.  He has lived in Vienna since 1997.  Chuck is also a co-founder and principal with Capital Trade, Incorporated, recognized as a premier consulting firm in the area of international economics.  He is a graduate of Williams College and Oxford University.  For more information, visit:


David Patariu

I am a practicing attorney, a Vienna dad with three young children, a parishioner at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church, a planning commissioner for the Town, and an advocate for residents.

I support stopping the $250k residential and commercial zoning code rewrite and using that money to fund basic services and public health during the pandemic.

Learn more at and vote absentee, safely from home, using reason code 2A—request a ballot at before May 12.


Andrea Dahl

I’m running for Town Council because I believe that I can make a positive impact.  As a resident of Northeast Vienna for 22 years and an energetic mom who’s first to volunteer for everything, I’m out in our community on a daily basis watching, listening, and interacting with town residents.

With 20 years corporate experience, I have a reputation of being able to build consensus to get things done. In everything I do, it’s always my mission to come up with creative ways to do things better, for less money, while having fun.

Preserving our parks, trees, and green space is one of my top priorities; but until we put this pandemic behind us, my immediate priority is the health, safety, and well-being of the residents and small businesses in our town.

For additional information visit and


Ed Somers

“As a non-partisan professional advocate for cities of all sizes, over the past 30 years I have fought for and learned from mayors and local-elected officials from across the country. I want to bring that experience to the Vienna Town Council.

“If elected, I will prioritize making Vienna safer for all who drive, walk, bike or run – as I have done as Chair of the Town’s Transportation Safety Commission.”


Roy Baldwin

I have been a homeowner in Vienna for more than 40 years and have served on various Town boards and committees for more than 16 years – both longer than any other candidate.

I am currently Chair of the Board of Architectural Review, which has given me significant insight into how to encourage re-development along Maple Avenue without buildings that are too tall, too close to the street, and too densely packed.

To recover from the COVID-19 pandemic the new Town Council will have to work closely with our friends in County and State government, such as Del. Mark Keam, State Sen. Chap Petersen, and County Board Member (for the Hunter Mill District) Walter Alcorn, all of whom have sent messages of support for my candidacy.

For more information, please visit my website,, and my Facebook page,   My email address is


Chris Wright

I’m running for Town Council of Vienna because I believe that a fresh perspective from a business executive with school aged children would be good for Vienna.

Given the current pandemic, we have to prioritize safety and basic services first. Additionally, we need to support our local businesses that are so vital to Vienna’s charm.  I have been budget focused in business for the last 20 years in good times and bad to ensure that every dollar is best spent. This is exactly the challenge the new Town Council faces given the economic downturn caused by COVID-19. This requires pragmatism, out of the box thinking, and bringing best practices from other cities and towns to Vienna.

I want to spend more time on council figuring out how we CAN do things to improve our town rather than coming up with reasons why we can’t.

For additional information visit and

Postponed Election to be May 19th

The Vienna Town Election, postponed for two weeks by order of Governor Northam, will take place Tuesday May 19th at the Community Center 6AM to 7PM.

Voting by absentee ballot may also be done in accordance with rules outlined in the previous story immediately below.  The deadline for submitting an application for absentee voting is 5 PM May 12.  Applications are available at the kiosk at Vienna Town Hall lobby.

We have asked all candidates to submit a brief statement of their positions, qualifications and visions for Vienna’s future.  Here are what the three Mayoral candidates, all serving currently as Members of the Town Council, have to say:

Linda Colbert

“I am an independent candidate running for the Mayor of the Town of Vienna because I love my hometown and the people who make it so special.  I understand and cherish the history of our Town and I will fight to keep Vienna unique amidst a metropolitan area.

“I will work hard to make Vienna work better for its residents by improving communication and by having a thoughtful and engaged process when making important Town decisions.  Vienna should be a welcoming, green community where people want to live, shop, walk and bike safely.”      #OneVienna


Pasha Majdi

“Vienna is my hometown. My family has four generations in Vienna because we love this Town and everything it stands for.

“I’m running for Mayor to lead our Town out of the COVID-19 pandemic. I am the only candidate to call for a COVID-19 fund for masks, gloves, testing equipment, and supporting small businesses.

“After the pandemic, I will:

  1. Reduce the speed and volume of cut-through traffic
  2. Add parks and green space, and conserve trees
  3. Protect residential neighborhoods from rezoning risks
  4. Promote small-town redevelopment on Maple that plans ahead for traffic and schools”


Howard Springsteen

“I am running for Mayor on my record of accomplishment and a promise of action and not just talk.  I bring extensive expertise honed from 11 years on the council and 30 years of public administration experience.

“I am proud of my reputation for demanding accountability and transparency and for being responsive to citizen concerns. I can deliver on what the citizens of Vienna want now and can make a difference. I ask for your vote. Thank you.”


The Crier will post statements in the next few days from the seven candidates running for the three available Town Council seats.