Westbriar Election

In accordance with our Constitution, Westbriar Civic Association will hold a General Meeting and Election this fall for its officers.  Any Westbriar resident interested in running for one of the four Officer positions or one of the eight Zone Representatives are welcome to run.  He or she should submit notice of intent to do so to Beth Corrigan by September 25 to have their name printed on the ballot.

Please look over our Constitution for the duties assigned to each office.  At the present time, Zone C (bounded by Maple Avenue, Westbriar Drive, and Old Courthouse Road) does not have a representative.

In the past, the General Membership and Election meeting has taken place at the Epiphany United Methodist Church.  Sadly, the church has disbanded this summer, and will not be available.  We are looking into another location, and will advise when details have been worked out.

John Shreffler has indicated his intention to run for reelection as Westbriar Civic’s President.   As it has in the past, the present officers are expected to form a slate on the ballot.


On a related note, in the General Election on November 5, our popular Virginia Delegate (35th District) Mark Keam will be seeking his fifth term in Richmond.

Also, our voice on the Fairfax County Government, Cathy Hudgins (left above) is retiring after serving us well for five 4-year terms.  Walter Alcorn (right) won the Democratic Primary last spring, and he is unopposed.

Delegate Mark Keam and John Shreffler share a light moment at a recent Tysons building dedication.

Spacehopper Aces Latest Test

The Starhopper, which is part of the next generation Starship space system, performed flawlessly in its final testing on Aug 27, attaining a height of 150 meters.

Starship, shown above, is under development as the fully reusable second stage and space vehicle of the SpaceX BFR “Super Heavy” rocket. It is a long-duration cargo- and passenger-carrying spacecraft.  It is also an independent rocket in its own right, as it began an extensive suborbital flight testing program earlier this year, and is later planned to fly independently to various planets and Solar System bodies.

Other uses:

  • legacy Earth-orbit satellite delivery of Starlink, with more than 12,000 satellites intended to be launched by 2026, more than six times the present number currently in orbit.
  • Long-duration spaceflights in the cislunar region.
  • Mars transportation, both as cargo ships as well as passenger-carrying transport.
  • long-duration flights to the outer planets, for cargo and astronauts.

The Spacehopper will be carried aboard the Starship.  Click on the image below, and watch the short but astonishing flight.

Axe Throwing Fun

Here’s an adventurous idea to relieve stress, grab drinks with friends and throw sharp objects.  Bad Axe has just opened in the Mosaic District in Merrifield.

Bad Axe is a national chain where you can throw axes at a target in a competition similar to darts.  Beer and wine round out the fun.

Bad Axe offers walk-in throwing, group events, parties and corporate team-building.  Coaches are on hand to teach you how to throw.

The company started in Ontario in 2014 and has grown fast, with 36 locations in the US. The Merrifield location is at 2985 District Ave., between Nando’s and BGR.

What can go wrong?  Well, click on the photo of the blond lady thrower above.

Help Still Wanted

Westbriar’s Zone C is still without a Zone Representative due to the move to Williamsburg of Maureen  Moore last spring.  Can you volunteer to stand in this year?  Please contact John 703-319-0840.  You don’t need to live within Zone C.

An image of the Westbriar Zone Boundaries for Zone C

Westbriar’s Newbie Update

Several readers expressed an interest in Jewell Elizabeth’s progress.  She just turned 3 months today.

We are happy to let you all know that she is doing very well indeed. Her mom, Maricel, says her favorite word is “milk,” and her favorite color is pink.  Her Dad, Dave, adds that she enjoys the Rolling Stones, but not too loud.  They all thank you for your kind wishes.

Help Wanted in Westbriar

We will be needing help this December in getting the Luminaria out in Zone C.  Can you take it on?

If you are willing to be a Zone C’s Representative, you will also have a seat on Westbriar’s Board of Directors.  As such, you will have an important voice in shaping the future of our Civic Association.

An image of the Westbriar Zone Boundaries for Zone C

You do not have to live within the boundaries of Zone C to be eligible to serve.  For details, please give me a call.  John, 703-319-0840.