OCHR Improvement Program Starts

The long awaited improvements to Old Courthouse Road NE have started this week, as water lines are being upgraded at the intersection with Fairway Drive.  The impetus for this project was offers of grants for improvement of pedestrian safety under Virginia’s Safe Routes to School.

The sidewalks on the north side of Old Courthouse have long been criticized for the challenges they present.  Road runoff has gone into open ditches, and in places the asphalt trails are more like blockades if one is burdened by, say, a baby carriage.

Improving the sidewalks, it turns out, involves a bit more than meets the eye.  Water, sewer, drainage conduits, and maybe gas lines are going to be involved.  Fairfax County has gotten involved in the design, and so has the state, since this is a state route.

The project will eventually involve the stretch all the way up to Freedom Hill Park.  As it gets into the narrow steep hill, it is sure to cause delays on this very busy commuter link.

The full set of plans can be obtained HERE.