Oh, No! Not Again

Originally published 4/11/15

Westbriar’s perennial crash magnet, the intersection of Hine Street and Follin Lane, was the scene of yet another mishap this morning.

A family of five, travelling in a Honda sedan north on Follin was broadsided by a Van entering the intersection eastbound on Hine. Two of the Honda passengers were transported to a hospital for observation although injuries did not appear serious.

The crash caused deployment of all air bags in the Honda. It is not known why the driver of the Van missed the stop sign.

The intersection is characterized by deep ditches, lots of brush, and poor sight lines. This stretch of road is slated to be widened this year and improved with curb and gutter system, better lighting and lane markings, and a sidewalk along one side.

Making the intersection 4 Way Stop is under consideration. The brush and selected weed trees that line the road will be removed. These improvements should go a long way in improving the safety record of this somewhat hidden intersection.