Originally published 9/22/13

With all the bad news one hears about in the world, it is really great to to report something positive. Such is the case here, courtesy of happy grandma, Audrey Neeson on Fairway Drive.

Nine year old Lana McWhorter, who lives in Manassas, and attends Thurgood Marshall ES, placed Number One on the USA team in her age group, at the International Aerobic Gymnastics Championships held in Las Vegas in early August. USA Team also did very well, but eventually lost to Japan.

Audrey is bubbling over with pride at her granddaughter’s accomplishments, and rightfully so. “Judges noted that she was the only one who smiled continuously through all routines,” she said. So is the Olymics on the horizon? Maybe so. It certainly looks like Lana has the right stuff.