Planning and Zoning Considers New Proposal

Originally published 4/19/17

Vienna Planning Commission will consider a proposal by the owner of four contiguous land plots at the intersection of Maple Avenue and Follin Lane to subdivide the land, which is part of Westbriar Civic Association Zone B.  A proposal to rezone the same four properties early last year to allow townhouses was defeated last year.

The land is Zoned RS16, which means residential, single family, minimum 16,000 square feet. Although none of the present individual lots are large enough to be subdivided, in aggregate the land could be divided to accommodate up to seven homes meeting RS16 specifications. The addresses are 101, 103, and 201 Mashie Drive, and 701 Maple Ave SE.

Originally proposed, and final plan approved.

A related issue is the disposition of a small frontage road between the properties and Maple Avenue. The road originally provided parking, since the homes built at the time typically had no garages.

Update: The Planning Commission certified that the proposal had met all applicable zoning requirements on 5/11/17, and the subdivision was approved by Town Council on 7/10/17.

Update: An amendment submitted by the Developer reducing the number of homes to six, all of which will front on a cul de sac entering from Mashie Drive, was approved by Town Council 8/21/17.