Plowman Strikes Again

Originally posted 2/15/16

Who is this guy?

I found out that as a child, he was addicted to a penny arcade game where you push sand around in a big glass case with a bulldozer, and you could shove prizes into a chute that plopped into a tray at your feet.

His name is Damien, but does not want to be further identified. It seems that shoving things around in the arcade stuck with him, and he now has a shiny red Jeep outfitted with lights and chains to continue his obsession.

He is widely, but not universally appreciated. The gangs that walk around the neighborhood with snow shovels have a different take.

He can be found in Westbriar Zones A and B, where he has been attacking snowflakes for the last three years, because he “he likes it here, and just wants to give back a little to the community.”


He comes out of nowhere. All you hear is a roaring in your driveway. You see a flurry of white as your snow is destroyed, and by the time you get your shoes on to thank him, he is gone .