Postponed Election to be May 19th

The Vienna Town Election, postponed for two weeks by order of Governor Northam, will take place Tuesday May 19th at the Community Center 6AM to 7PM.

Voting by absentee ballot may also be done in accordance with rules outlined in the previous story immediately below.  The deadline for submitting an application for absentee voting is 5 PM May 12.  Applications are available at the kiosk at Vienna Town Hall lobby.

We have asked all candidates to submit a brief statement of their positions, qualifications and visions for Vienna’s future.  Here are what the three Mayoral candidates, all serving currently as Members of the Town Council, have to say:

Linda Colbert

“I am an independent candidate running for the Mayor of the Town of Vienna because I love my hometown and the people who make it so special.  I understand and cherish the history of our Town and I will fight to keep Vienna unique amidst a metropolitan area.

“I will work hard to make Vienna work better for its residents by improving communication and by having a thoughtful and engaged process when making important Town decisions.  Vienna should be a welcoming, green community where people want to live, shop, walk and bike safely.”      #OneVienna


Pasha Majdi

“Vienna is my hometown. My family has four generations in Vienna because we love this Town and everything it stands for.

“I’m running for Mayor to lead our Town out of the COVID-19 pandemic. I am the only candidate to call for a COVID-19 fund for masks, gloves, testing equipment, and supporting small businesses.

“After the pandemic, I will:

  1. Reduce the speed and volume of cut-through traffic
  2. Add parks and green space, and conserve trees
  3. Protect residential neighborhoods from rezoning risks
  4. Promote small-town redevelopment on Maple that plans ahead for traffic and schools”


Howard Springsteen

“I am running for Mayor on my record of accomplishment and a promise of action and not just talk.  I bring extensive expertise honed from 11 years on the council and 30 years of public administration experience.

“I am proud of my reputation for demanding accountability and transparency and for being responsive to citizen concerns. I can deliver on what the citizens of Vienna want now and can make a difference. I ask for your vote. Thank you.”


The Crier will post statements in the next few days from the seven candidates running for the three available Town Council seats.