Quiet at Last!

Originally published 6/1/13

The three year Decible Disaster appears to be over in Westbriar Zones A and B. Relief is finally here from the steady, metallic-sounding droning of the air conditioner cooling units on the roof of a Follin Lane building near the Navy Federal Credit Union. The task of cooling the building has been switched over from 230 small high speed fans to a newly-installed cooling tower.

Noise from the old cooling system had been loud enough to deprive residents of sleep on nearby Alma and Orrin Streets, and Mashie Drive. Particularly on high humidity days, the sound could be easily heard for a radius of seven blocks.

Before:  The original units will stay on the roof as an emergency back up in case there are ever problems with the new system.

The new cooling tower is the large grey structure in the center behind the security fence.  The pipes transporting the cooling liquid are contained in the structure up the side of the building. Sound barriers and trim panels will be added soon.

Who to thank for a good night’s sleep?

Nobody worked harder than Ken Foley, 511 Mashie Drive SE. Ken originally brought the situation to the attention of the Vienna Town Council. Since then he worked with the town in researching the cause, getting acoustical data, checking ordinances, and coordinating meetings with the building’s owner, tenant, government officials and interested Vienna residents.