Some Welcome Improvements

Originally published 8/11/15


DPW sent out the paving crew today to clean up a minefield of potholes that had challenged commuters for the last few months.

In mid-January a water pipe burst about 12 feet under the road, turning it into a giant mud hole. Because of the frigid weather, the best that could be done at the time was to apply a cold temporary asphalt mix, and depend on traffic to pack it down.

But now, with the right weather and techniques, the road is looking good again.

Sidewalk Finished Along Westbriar Drive NE

 Phase 2 of the sidewalk project along Westbriar Drive NE finished up today,. The soil between the walk and the curb was sprayed with an aromatic cocktail of grass seed and fertilizer, sort of a greenish mud.

The supervisor promised it will be a nice mixture of tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass in a month or so.