Spacehopper Aces Latest Test

The Starhopper, which is part of the next generation Starship space system, performed flawlessly in its final testing on Aug 27, attaining a height of 150 meters.

Starship, shown above, is under development as the fully reusable second stage and space vehicle of the SpaceX BFR “Super Heavy” rocket. It is a long-duration cargo- and passenger-carrying spacecraft.  It is also an independent rocket in its own right, as it began an extensive suborbital flight testing program earlier this year, and is later planned to fly independently to various planets and Solar System bodies.

Other uses:

  • legacy Earth-orbit satellite delivery of Starlink, with more than 12,000 satellites intended to be launched by 2026, more than six times the present number currently in orbit.
  • Long-duration spaceflights in the cislunar region.
  • Mars transportation, both as cargo ships as well as passenger-carrying transport.
  • long-duration flights to the outer planets, for cargo and astronauts.

The Spacehopper will be carried aboard the Starship.  Click on the image below, and watch the short but astonishing flight.