The Crier is Back!

We are on line again after a complete format and software change to make The Crier “Mobile Friendly.  This means that the web site will look presentable on a laptop, a tablet, or most importantly, on your cell phone.

Actually, the presentation is optimized for cellphone viewing, since this is the wave of the future.  Most people by far now use their phone to catch up on news.

Here are some tips on viewing the new Crier:

If you see the photo of the Westwood golf course, you are on the Home Page.  If you want to immediately return there from anywhere on the site, simply click the little cartoon of the Crier ringing his bell, usually at the bottom of the page.

Below the golf course are the beginnings of new stories.  Click Read More to see the rest of the story.  As new stories are added, older ones will automatically be sent to the archives, but will be accessible by clicking Older Posts at the bottom of the page.

Above the golf course are the major links to other items of interest to Westbriar Crier readers:

Click About Us to learn about our organization with the help of other links in the blue box on that page.

Click News to fully open up all stories, both current and archived.  Over 100 selected Crier stories are sorted by original publishing date. The farther you scroll down, the farther into the past you go. Just hit View Older Stories when you come to the bottom of each archive page.

Click Links to open up a random assortment of links which may be of interest.  This is a work in progress.  Three at the top will take you to the websites of Vienna, Hunter Mill District, and Fairfax County.

Beyond that, you can take part in the content.  Any Westbriar member may have their business advertised for free.  Have a teenager interested in raking leaves or babysitting?  Do you have a favorite restaurant nearby that you believe others would like to know about? Let us know.

Click Listserv for instructions on enrolling in Westbriar’s listserver and why it is good.  Of course if you are reading this, you are likely already enrolled.

Click Nextdoor for instructions on enrolling in a great two way neighborhood social media.  Very popular, handy for lots of news, and even throwing a virtual yard sale.

If you are seeing the old familiar Crier, it is because your computer has stored the images.  In that case, you will need to “Clear the Cache.”

Let us know your thoughts and suggestions on the new Crier.

John                  703-319-0840

p.s.:  Story ideas and contributions are also most welcome.