VE Day: 70 Years Remembered

Originally published 5/9/15

The Mall was packed on Friday from the Lincoln to the Capitol, many of them bearing high-end camera equipment on tripods. It was the 70th Anniversary of the surrender of Nazi Germany, but not yet the end of World War 2.

The number of veterans is dwindling, but many were in attendance. The crowds were given a personal glimpse into the lives of some. One veteran, at the age of 96, is still an active bush pilot in Alaska, and drove alone all the way down just to be here.

The reason for the cameras became evident as the event turned into an airshow of the planes of that era. Fifty six of them, ranging from Piper Cub trainers, high performance fighters including the Warhawk, Wildcat, Lightning, Corsair, Mustang, and bombers including the B24, B25, B26 and B29 came down the river, and turned toward the Capitol in an awesome historical timestamp.

Remember, this was pre-jet days. They are not as fast, or whiny-screechy as todays planes, but the deep-throated roar of the piston-propeller system has a panache all its own.


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Originally published 7/16/15

Today, it has been 7 decades since the first test of the Atomic Bomb lit up the skys of the New Mexico desert in the predawn hours. Within a month, Japan surrendered, bringing a close to World War 2.

The Atomic Age is open-ended, and the world will never be the same. The promise of unlimited clean energy will always be shadowed by the specter of total global destruction.