Vienna Election Coming Up

The Town Election on Tuesday May 5 will be a bit more exciting than those in the last decade.  We have gone through several where incumbents have walked back to their seats with no opposition.  Last year, we picked up two new faces on the Council, Nisha Patel and Steve Potter.

This election will be different.  When the dust settles, our elected leadership will change greatly.

How so?  Last January, Mayor Laurie DiRocco and Council Member Doug Nobel (above) announced their intention to retire from their positions at the end of their terms which expire June 30.

Quickly, application were filed by three Council Members to run for Mayor:     (l to r) Howard Springsteen, Linda Colbert, and Pasha Majdi

In accordance with Town Election Rules, one may run for either Mayor or Council Member, but not both.  So, in the race for Mayor, we will automatically lose at least one, and possibly two experienced Council members.

Howard Springsteen has one year left as Council Member, so if he loses the Mayor’s race, he will still be on the Council.  However, if Springsteen wins, both Majdi and Colbert will be out, since both of their terms are up this year. In that case, Springsteen’s Council seat will be filled by appointment until next year’s election.

Your ballot will direct you to vote one choice for Mayor, and not more than three choices for Council Members.  .

The following seven contenders have thrown in their hats:

Charles L. “Chuck” Anderson
Ray S. Brill, Jr.
Roy J. Baldwin
David N. Patariu
Chris P. Wright
Andrea Kristin Dahl
Ed A. Somers

We will be reaching out to the candidates for statements regarding their visions for Vienna’s future and will get back to you in a few weeks.

Fairfax County is encouraging residents to apply for mail-in ballots for the May Town General Election if they are concerned about voting at the polling place.  On a one-time basis, rules are relaxed regarding reason.

To apply on line go HERE, and answer all questions and submit.

For question Choose an absentee option, answer “I have a reason or condition  …”

For question Choose absentee ballot reason, answer “My disability or illness …”