Vienna’s Roundabout Coming Up

Originally published 7/25/16

The Town has set August for making a roundabout at the intersection of Locust and Park Streets near the Community Center.

Although popular in the rest of the world, we have few roundabouts in the US. And that is a bit odd, considering that they have a lot going for them when compared to lights. They cause no confusion during power failure. But more importantly, they are much more efficient. Nobody waits on a red light that happens to be doing nothing for anyone at the moment.

Roundabout Rules are few and simple:

1. Travel the circle counter clockwise as the sign suggests.

2. Cars already in the circle have Right-of-Way over cars that have not yet entered the circle.

So, how are they going to fit this thing into the tiny intersection?  It will be a Mini Roundabout. The center will be a slightly raised dome of bricks, low enough that it could be driven over by fire engines and 18 wheelers when necessary.


Update, originally published 8/21/16

Done!  A few finishing touches, some signs and some white and yellow line painting, and the new roundabout was operational last night. A Crier reader reported entering from Locust Street, driving four times around the circle and returning on Locust. “Works great!,” he said.