Wawa on the Way

The popular convenience store chain ubiquitous in southeastern Pennsylvania, is coming soon to Vienna.  In fact, you will be seeing a lot of them soon, after last week’s announcement of an aggressive expansion of 40 new stores in Northern Virginia.

Wawa is more upscale than 7-11, typically having about four times the floor space, and offering indoor seating, healthy meals, and custom coffee blends.  A bit more like a Sheetz, perhaps.  There are differences:  for one, they don’t sell cigarettes.

Workmen were busy this morning installing a silt fence around the old Caldwell Banker building at Maple Ave W and Nutley Street NW.

Two things are worth noting about this redevelopment:  This is the first building in Vienna to not be torn down.  It will be a major redo, but most of the existing structure will be used.

Also, unlike most Wawas that sell gasoline, this one won’t.  It will provide recharging stations for eight electric cars, instead.

WaWa started 54 years ago in a town by that name near Philadelphia.  It is the Ojibwe Indian word for the Canada Goose, which is part of their logo.