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NEW 5/20/15


This Weekend  Fri, Sat, Sun

You know it is spring when Viva Hits Town

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NEW 5/19/15

May 31

by Brian Hanifin
Vienna Parks & Recreation Coordinator

Come spend a beautiful, not to be missed, Sunday afternoon at the Avenue of Art street fair on May 31st!! That is the Sunday after Memorial Day Weekend. The fun will be from 1 - 5 PM. Sponsored by the Vienna Arts Society. Church Street becomes a Pedestrian Plaza with free demo's, art, jewelry, children's projects, food, wine, face painting, caricatures, photo opportunities. Free and open to the public. These are things that make Vienna so special . Come out and support your town.

NEW 5/15/15

Westbriar Toddler Dies

On May 10, 2015, Town of Vienna Police Officers responded to a residence in the Northeastern Section of Vienna in response to a 911 call for a 3 year old male child that had fallen and received a head injury. Upon the arrival of the officers, the child was being treated by members of the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department. The child was transported by rescue personnel to an area hospital where it was determined the injuries were life threatening. Sadly, the child passed away on Tuesday, May 12. An autopsy has been performed and Investigators are awaiting the results. As with all injuries that result in a death of this nature this case is being investigated by the Town of Vienna Police Department.
[from Vienna Police Announcement]


Don't Let it

Go to Waste


The power of the sun is enormous. When the sun is overhead, it delivers about one Kilowatt for every square meter. If you could capture all of that, your energy problems would be solved. As a matter of fact, if you could capture even a small part of that free, clean energy, you could make a significant dent in your living expenses. A great investment opportunity.

Actually, you can. The technology is here and now. Prices for solar panels and the equipment to interface to your home circuits and the power grid have steadily been falling. It is entirely possible that your home would be a good candidate for a look into this exciting technology.

The new Solarize initiatives have made solar panel installations affordable and cost effective. Solarize is run in Northern Virginia by the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP). Its strategy uses the bulk purchase concept to obtain a lower cost of installation for a group of homeowners.

To promote community support, the mayors of Vienna and Falls Church have undertaken a friendly challenge between our two communities to see which community will have the larger number of installations.

Learn more about Solarize Vienna.

Celebrate Fairfax Festival

Friday June 5 - Sunday June 7

Fairfax County's homegrown festival takes place on the grounds of the Government Center. It features food, rides, mutiple stages of entertainment, plus informational booths and much more. Great family fun.

VE Day

70 Years

by Leon

The Mall was packed on Friday from the Lincoln to the Capitol, many of them bearing high-end camera equipment on tripods. It was the 70th Anniversary of the surrender of Nazi Germany, but not yet the end of World War 2.

The number of veterans is dwindling, but many were in attendance. The crowds were given a personal glimpse into the lives of some. One veteran, at the age of 96, is still an active bush pilot in Alaska, and drove alone all the way down just to be here.

The reason for the cameras became evident as the event turned into an airshow of the planes of that era. Fifty six of them, ranging from Piper Cub trainers, high performance fighters including the Warhawk, Wildcat, Lightning, Corsair, Mustang, and bombers including the B24, B25, B26 and B29 came down the river, and turned toward the Capitol in an awesome historical timestamp. Remember, this was pre-jet days. They are not as fast, or whiny-screechy as todays planes, but the deep-throated roar of the piston-propeller system has a panache all its own.

The largest plane, the Boeing B-29 Super Fortress thunders over the Tidal Basin.

This is the plane that finally brought an end to WW2

Hey! Vienna's
Farmers Market


Same location:
Faith Baptist Church
Across Center Street from the Fire House
8:00 AM to Noon, Saturdays

Same great quality:
Locally Grown, Vine Picked Freshness.


Vienna Election

This Day in History

May 6, 1937


The storm clouds of war in Europe were gathering in 1937, but the United States and Germany were opening a season of regular passenger service between Frankfort and Lakehurst NJ. The Hindenburg, the largest airship ever made, was on its way to a landing.

Suddenly, just as the mooring lines were being secured at the nose, the rear section burst into a ball of fire. It took no more than 35 seconds for the fire to engulf the entire ship, killing 36. Passengers and crew members sustained serious burns and broken bones jumping for their lives. Flammable hydrogen gas was used for boyancy. Bad choice.

Public confidence was shattered and the airship era came to an abrupt end. Modern blimps are nowhere near as large, and use safe helium.

Two passengers of the crash are still living. They were children that were dropped to ground by their parents from the passenger cabin.

The last surviving crew member, Werner Franz, at left, was a 14 year old cabin boy. Franz died last August at the age of 92.

A lengthy inquiry was made to determine the cause of the fire. A plausible case was made that the ship was being maneuvered quite hard because of windy conditions, and an internal guy wire snapped, cutting into one of the hydrogen gas bags.

To see the original news footage of the disaster, Click Here.

Town Revenue Rise

New construction and property improvements will result in significant growth to the property tax base. This will effectively pay for a larger Vienna budget next year, so the tax rate of 22.88 cents per $100 of assessed value will stay the same.

Fish Rodeo

a Huge Hit


Easy does it as the lure is dropped expertly in the current.

The woods of Wildwood Park were buzzing with kids and their parents for the second annual Fish Rodeo. It was so popular, in fact, that Parks and Recreation Director Cathy Salgado has next year's rodeo already on her calendar.

The fish are 10 to 14 inch Brook trout, known for their delicious flakey pink flesh. They are provided by the Navy Federal Credit Union, which borders the park.

All residents of Vienna are eligible to partake, but limited tickets are available on a first come basis. It is not too early to think about next year if you have a young sportsman in the family.

Tables were set up for experienced fishermen to teach the art of cleaning the trout.

GREEN Expo Featured
Solar Initiatives


The Community Center was a place to consider all things green last night. Items on display ranged from an exhibit on the effect on clam shells of increasing acidity in our oceans, to vendors showing their offerings in the energy arena.

Vienna is actively engaged in adapting to new breakthroughs in energy technology.



in Vienna


Community spirit and volunteerism is alive and well, as evidenced by the nomination of 35 individuals for exceptional contributions to the Town. The Awards ceremony, conducted by Mayor DiRocco, played to a full house at the Flame Room of the Volunteer Fire Department. Music was supplied by some very catchy percussion work by the Vienna Elementary School Jammers.

The fact is that we are surrounded in Vienna by lots and lots of community-minded folk that give a lot of their time without expectation of recognition. The Mayor's Reception is to remind us all that volunteerism is a fundamental part of our traditions, and that the community benefits greatly by their contributions

See the Vienna Web Site for a full list
of the Awardees of 2015


Let There

Be Light


The black poles blend nicely with the tree canopy.

First in the USA

Glyndon Park is the first Little League baseball field in the United States illuminated with LEDs. The new system enhances playability, reduces spill light and glare to neighboring homes, and reduces the field's electricity bill by 46 percent.

The system, designed by Musco uses six 45 feet-tall black poles. "Residents around Glyndon Park have come to appreciate the mature trees and the natural park setting, so the last thing we wanted to do is put typical 70-foot galvanized-metal poles in the park" said Vienna Parks and Recreation Director Cathy Salgado.

The LED lighting is a significant move to more sustainable and energy efficient products. It is a result of a joint partnership with the Town and the Vienna Little League.

The light poles are significantly shorter than the trees.

From left field, the action area is well illuminated, but the light from the poles in background are hardly noticable.

The new lighting system is amazing, and hard to do justice by words alone. You need to see it to believe it. Those who are into sports and familiar with night games will be the most impressed.

Each of the dozens of lighting modules are narrowly focused on small parts of the field. When you walk around the fence line, you are illuminated at any point by at most, two banks of light. If you step away from the fence ten paces you're in the dark. No light falls on houses.

This athletic field is really a showcase both for the here-and-now in LED technology, and for a forward-looking Town management ready and willing to embrace the advantages of energy state-of-art.

The batter, catcher, and umpire have no glaring lights to contend with. The only lights directed here are largely outside the players' peripheral vision.

Oh, No!

Not again


Police direct traffic around the damaged vehicles.

Westbriar's perennial crash magnet, the intersection of Hine Street and Follin Lane, was the scene of yet another mishap this morning. A family of five, travelling in a Honda sedan north on Follin was broadsided by a Van entering the intersection eastbound on Hine. Two of the Honda passengers were transported to a hospital for observation although injuries did not appear serious.

The crash caused deployment of all air bags in the Honda. It is not known why the driver of the Van missed the stop sign.

The intersection is characterized by deep ditches, lots of brush, and poor sight lines. This stretch of road is slated to be widened this year and improved with curb and gutter system, better lighting and lane markings, and a sidewalk along one side. Making the intersection 4 Way Stop is under consideration. The brush and weed trees that line the road will be removed. These improvements should go a long way in improving the safety record of this somewhat hidden intersection.

Continuing 4/4/15

How are your New Years
Resolutions Coming? by Ken

Hi! Ken Boman here. I am going to help you take the plunge and follow through on your New Year's Resolution to get physically fit. Once you make the decision, you will be truly amazed at how far you will go.

No, there is no magic pill for fitness, regardless of what comes into your email spam box. There are no shortcuts. The information I will cover is for middle aged people who have a sedentary life style, and are starting to get those little glimpses of what might be coming ahead. You know. The little aches and pain you are starting to experience putting on your socks in the morning. The sudden inability to turn on the dome light without stopping the car. It does not have to be like that. It's all common sense, time-tested, and life changing. Continue reading




Patrick Mulhern has been appointed Vienna's Director of Planning & Zoning, effective April 13.

Mulhern currently serves as the Planning & Community Development Director for Culpeper, where his efforts led to the town receiving the Virginia Downtown Development Associate Award of Excellence, Neighborhood Stabilization Program Award from VDHCD as well as the Great Streets Award.

"The Town of Vienna has approved specific smart growth design criteria to guide the on-going redevelopment of the Town," said Mulhern. "Their redevelopment effort offered me a unique new challenge that fully utilizes my skills, interest and talents. Vienna already is a great place to live. I'm excited to have an opportunity to improve the urban fabric of the Town so it matches the quality of the community."



Navy Federal Credit Union, largest credit union in the country, and Vienna's largest employer by far, will get even bigger. And with the growth, approximately 600 job opportunities.

The present Annex D building will be replaced by a quarter million square foot, four story office complex with parking. An elevated walkway across Electric Drive will connect empoyees with the main structure.

Navy Federal has been mentioned in the Crier last summer in connection with an improvement to Follin Lane, which will add a lane for two blocks to better accomodate 123-bound traffic at the end of the work day.

NFCU is Westbriar's closest commercial neighbor to the south.
Architectural drawing credit: Vienna Patch.


New Art Commission Formed

Vienna has new Arts Commission to advise and assist the Vienna Town Council on matters relating to the advancement of public art in the Town, including the development and funding of a public art program. The proposal for a Vienna Public Art Commission evolved from the research for a M. Jane Seeman Memorial by the Mayor's Advisory Committee.

Want to help?

Residents of the Town or representatives of businesses or professions located in and licensed by the Town interested in serving on the Commission can apply online HERE.

REALLY NEW 1/13/15

At age 49 hours, Eden Annabel is all belted in for her first ride, in the car home from the hospital.

Many more car rides in the weeks to come.....


LATER 4/13/15

At age 3 months, Eden takes another kind of ride, This time on an airplane to San Francisco.

She is trying to make sense of the tray tables, oxygen masks and emergency exits stuff.

Why do we ride IN a car ......
but ride ON an airplane?

Still Active in Vienna 5/5/15

"Hello, this is
Microsoft calling....
Your computer has a
Problem and we are
here to help you

Great! Except that none of it is true. He is not from Microsoft, your computer is fine, and his intention is to harm you.

Nobody from Microsoft, or any legimate company would ever place a call like that. It is a scam. It is a very lucrative scam that is being reported widely on the evening news and in the newspapers. Six Westbriar members have reported it to us in the last month.

If you play along a bit, he will have you hold the Windows key down and press the R key. This will bring up a dialog box, into which he will tell you what to type. This will take you to an error log, which will typically show many low level harmless self-correcting errors that your computer logs daily. This is to gain your trust, and convince you that your computer is malfuctioning.

Then, he will direct you to a web page where you will download software which gives him remote access to your entire computer, so he can "fix things." He will guide you through the steps to marry your computers together. Then, he politely says "Good bye." He will at leisure browse all your communications, banking, and everything else. You shouldn't store your passwords on your computer, but we all do that, and he knows it. He can and will go into your on-line bank accounts and clean them out.

When Microsoft calls,


Vienna VA

Fairfax County

Hunter Mill District

Cathy Hudgins



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