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Photo Credit NASA

NEW January 20, 2019

MOON and CRIER Go Dark

The Moon took on a copper color last night as it passed through the Earth's shadow. A perfectly clear sky added to the spectacle of total eclipse, which lasted for about an hour.


The Westbriar Crier will also go dark today as work begins to completely revamp the format to make it "Mobile Friendly." This will take a little longer.




Never throw cans of left over paint into your trash. The road and your neighbors will thank you for it.

What happens is that the trash truck has a compactor in it that exerts a lot of force to make room for more trash along the route.. A gallon of paint is no match.

The can explodes and drizzles paint all over the street, where it stays for many years.

Paint must be taken by the homeowner out to the waste transfer station on Wext Ox Road. From there it is taken to incinerators.

It is acceptable to drizzle paint on old news papers, and let it dry in the sun. Then it is safe to put it in your trash.

It is possible that the pink and blue mess on Niblick Drive was the result of a painting contractor taking a short cut.


On the Way ...

Precipitation explained by
National Weather Service

First Snow

Snow prior to Thanksgiving is rare, but not unheard of in Vienna.

Enough for a small snowman by the day's end.


Fatally Struck

A driver on Old Courthouse Road was involved in a minor accident Monday at the intersection of Westwood Drive. When he got out of his car, he was struck by another car. He was hospitalized with critical injuries, and this morning, sadly, he died.
JMHS Marching Band
"Jammy Friendly"
Holiday Concerts

Info and Tickets HERE

Election Evening

Reds and Blues coexist
nicely in the western sky

Photo Credit Chuck Dombroski


Halloween 2018 Decoration Awards

The winner featured a tasteful array of the usual goblins and ghouls, set off with well placed accent lights, projecting a welcoming glow for those toting open swag bags. Echols Street and Niblick Drive. A popular stop for that set.

Runners up were spotted at intersection of St Andrews and Westbriar Drive, and Fairway Drive just down from Old Courthouse Road.


Jim Nelson on Westwood Drive offers some pointers for the Fall season home care.

To help you prepare for cooler weather, I've put together this list of five helpful maintenance tips. Continue reading ...


Town Approves Plan for 444 Maple Ave. W.

Replaces Wolftrap Motel and Tequilla Grande Restaurant

View from center of Maple - Nutley intersection

The Town Council on October 26 approved the application for development of the southeast corner of Maple and Nutley submitted by Hekemian Inc. The design features of the mixed-use building are in compliance with the Maple Avenue Commercial (MAC) zoning rules.

The design went through a number of revisions based on inputs from the community. This development is considered especially important because it makes a strong architectual statement when entering Vienna from the west. Click HERE to view the complete plan.


Mural of Vienna
Coming Soon

What better way to dress up an alley in the rear of the Vienna Shopping Center than a lively mural depicting the town's major points of interest?
The project is the brainchild of artists Eleanor Doughty and Emily Herr. Painting will be done by students at James Madison High School.


New Police Station Design Awarded

A design contract of up to $1.62 million was awarded to Dewberry Architects Inc for a major upgrade to the Vienna Police station. The design goal is to bring together all police functions and facilities in one place, as well as providing public community space. One early decision to be made will be to build on to the existing station, or to do a complete replacement. The new facility is estimated to cost $12 million, funded with bonds.


Creek Crossing Improvements

Several readers in Westbriar have asked about the surveying activity along Creek Crossing Drive. This is being done in support of a joint Vienna and Fairfax County infrastructure effort to improve pedestrian convenience and safety.

The $400,000 program will fill in gaps in sidewalk coverage between Beulah and Old Courthouse Roads. In some places, road drainage is via deep rocky ditches. The surveying is needed to establish property boundaries, as well as the best alignment, taking into account, for example, preservation of valuable trees.


Other Westbriar

Dog Walkers and bicyclers will like this: The trail through Wildwood Park no longer has those potholes and tree root buckles. It's all good now from Niblick Drive to Follin Lane.

The next phase of the stream resoration project will begin next summer.

Vienna DPW crews are busy on our streets north of the golf course this week. They are replacing broken curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and driveway aprons. Some asphalt touch up will follow.


Vienna Restaurant Burns Down

Photo credit: Vienna Fire Department
Long time iconic eatery Marco Polo burned essentially to the ground over the weekend, leaving only its familiar latticed brick facade and green awning recognizable from Maple Avenue. The restaurant had been closed for the last year, and nobody was injured. The cause of the fire has not been determined.


Cat ID'd

The mysterious cat who roams Westbriar Zones A and B, previously assumed lost, apparenty is doing so with the blessing of its owner. A free spirit. Thanks, Viviana.

What's going on with the 444 Maple Avenue Project?

Click HERE to see the latest concept proposal.



The Town of Vienna is asking for your help in fine tuning the Maple Avenue Commercial (MAC) corridor ordinance. Please take an on-line survey consisting of photographs of streetscapes and building styles. You are asked to rate each per your reaction. Actually, it is fun.

The survey is found HERE.

It will take about 15 minutes. See additional details, and how the results will be used to aid in Vienna's future development.


Michael's Aftermath

The horrific damage suffered by southern states, especially Florida's panhandle last week can be seen in these videos. They were taken by drones flying over beach towns where the eye of the hurricane made landfall. Crews continue to search for survivors and those still missing. President Trump is on the scene today.

Click on images


Takes Shape

Most of the grading and drainage infrastructure has been completed for the largest redevelopment project undertaken in Westbriar to date. Six new homes will be built at the intersection of Follin Lane and Maple Avenue on a combination of four original contiguous lots. The cul de sac serving all homes has been paved.


We Changed the
Hunter Mill Link

When you click Cathy Hudgins's Hunter Mill link in the right column, you will now be visiting their website, not just their newsletter. Reason: the site contains a lot more information about our corner of Fairfax County. In addition to latest news, you can subscribe to the newsletter Hunter Mill Highlights, and eBlast, so you can make news come to you directly.


Things have started to happen on 66. Stay up-to-date on conditions and closures by subscribing to VDOT's email "66 Outside the Beltway." Click the image on the left, choose "Outside," and look for link "Sign Up for Updates."



Long-standing Westbriar
Church Considers Closure

The 50 year old Epiphany United Methodist Church on Country Club Drive has asked us to help pass on decision reached Sunday regarding its future. Click here to read a letter to its congregation and supporters.




Every few years, there seems to be a week long rash of night time car entries. Five cases were reported in Zone D this week on Westbriar Court, and another was reported in Zone A on Echols Street. All cars were unlocked. Breaking windows or locks is very rare. The evidence is an empty glove compartment with contents thrown on the floor. Police say this is typically the work of juveniles, not professional thieves.

Annoying as it is, the larger danger is that your garage door transmitter might be taken and used to gain access to your home. Please be sure to lock your car if parked outdoors.



China announced last year that it is no longer importing plastic trash, bringing to an end to decades of being the world's largest disposal and recycling center. Without this convenient service, developed countries will have to retool their approach to the wide spread use of these packaging products. From just 2017, a cumulative 8.3 billion metric tons of new plastic has been created. Only 9 percent of all plastic waste has been recycled, and the negative effects on the global environment continue to grow, according to a study by University of Georgia.


Sizeable Investments

Two new homes surpass 7000 square feet, making them for now the largest in Westbriar. Both are in Zone B, and both are being built by Cloud 9.

405 Niblick, left, at 7476 sq ft was started in January and is under sales contract. 402 Mashie, right, with a similar floor plan was started 2 months ago, and has already been sold.

"The Pessimist complains about the wind; the Optimist expects the wind to change; the Realist adjusts the sails." William Arthur Ward


2-Way System
Up and Running

NextDoor has already
found 4 cats in our

Members of Westbriar have asked for it, and we now have it!

And that's the ability to talk directly with their neighborhoods. Do you want to borrow a ladder? Report a lost cat? Organize a book club or exercise class? Sell your old golf clubs? Share a great recipe? Advertise your availability for dog walking, or leaf raking? Recommend a painter?

You can do all this and much more. Join us on NextDoor. 100% of Westbriar Civic Association is now "wired" together. Each of our eight Zones is now a NextDoor Group. Much of Vienna has already joined and you can reach out to them also.

To join, simply CLICK HERE. Put in your address.
It will know you are part of Westbriar. Enter your CODE.
Fill out your profile, and say "Hi" to your neighbors.

See this short video for an introduction to NextDoor.

Still the #1 Scam
in this Area

It is the Computer Version of the Nigerian Letter. Twenty one Westbriar residents have reported getting the call, and four have been taken for an expensive ride. Thousands in Northern Virginia have been hit. Don't let it happen to you.
The caller usually has a thick Asian or African accent. "Hello, this is Microsoft calling. Your computer is giving out errors." See More.

Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead

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