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NEW 8/25/15
Community Center
to Close for


The Vienna Community Center on Park St SE will close on September 4, and work will begin on a comprehensive refubishing which may take several years to complete. The project will include expansion with a new mutipurpose gymnasium.

"There is only so much that can be done with duct tape," said the Center's manager, Nick Jones, pointing to a bucket strategically placed in his office to catch rain.

The entire HVAC system, which is over 30 years old, will be replaced with modern high efficiency designs. "It was constantly breaking down," said Jones.

Most of the existing roof will be replaced. The floors and lighting will also be new. The auditorium will be upgraded with an audio-visual system.

As the location for the Parks and Recreation Department, the Community Center is a fairly busy place, offering a variety of programs to Vienna residents. The rennovation work is certain to present challenges.

The Center is also the polling place for Vienna's elections. An arrangement has been made for a shift to the First Presbyterian Church.

NEW 8/25/15
Westbriar Considering
new Zone

Westbriar Zone G, bounded by Country Club, Overlook, Creek Crossing and Fairway, is currently our largest Zone. The Board of Directors is considering dividing the zone into two smaller ones to share the work more equitably during the Luminaria distribution.

Proposed new Zone G
Proposed new Zone H

Members, email your thoughts on this proposal.

New 8/24/15

Weather Buffs:

This one is for you!

A microburst is a violent weather phenomonom which can strike any time with little warning.

Click the Pic to see why pilots stay tuned in. Even the heaviest airplanes do not stand a chance.

New 8/20/15

First Year of Silver Line Analyzed

With data in after the first year of Silver Line operation, Metro reports are mixed. Good: Commuter automobile traffic at three key Tysons intersections show a reduction of about 11 percent. Bad: Metro ridership, however, is significantly below 2012 federal estimates. Currently, just over 17,000 commuters take the Silver Line on weekdays. The Reston-Wiehle station is the busiest.

Tysons still has a long way to go. Several mixed use projects are in progress, and the pace of development will continue to rise. By 2030 residents and workers will be about four times present.

New 8/20/15

Thomas Jefferson

for 2nd straight year.

Newsweek Magazine has ranked Fairfax County's Thomas Jefferson School for Science and Technology the best in the nation in their latest issue. The list included 500 schools.

Vienna Councilman Pasha Majdi, was President of Thomas Jefferson's Student Body. His reaction to the latest news was more thoughtful than celebratory: "The rankings don't truly reflect the value of the education students receive," he said. "But if there is going to be a national ranking, it's good to see TJ at or near the top."

New 8/23/15

Kudzu: Not all THAT Bad

(A good read)

Maybe You missed this
on the News Saturday?

New 8/11/15

Follin Lane

Project Starts

The long awaited Follin Lane make-over started today, with closure between Maple Avenue and Echols Street. The road surface at the intersection of Hine Street had been hauled away in dump trucks by noon.

This stretch of Follin forming a border to Westbriar, was known for a complete canopy of trees which sprang from both sides and met a hundred feet over traffic, giving the feeling of driving through a green tunnel. Bamboo and other brush nearly touching the road's edges completed the imagery.

The police liked Follin precisely because they were invisible to unwary speeders. But neighbors had mixed feelings. Some loved the canopy, yet conceeded that the deep open ditches on each side made it almost impossible to walk along it. All agreed that the Follin-Hine intersection had way too many accidents.

Recently, the stop signs at the intersection were upgraded with additional warnings that cross traffic does not stop.

When the project is complete, Follin will have curb and gutter, carrying the run off in pipes rather than ditches. The Hine intersection will be fully developed and no longer semi-hidden. The brush and most of the trees in the right of way will be removed, and a sidewalk will extend from Maple to be continuous to the Navy Federal Credit Union.

In all, it will be a big project, and should go a long way in making things safer for cars and pedestrians alike.

New 8/11/15

The Conquest
Half Dome

The apex of rock climbing is free solo, which means no ropes. Nothing.
26 year old Alex Honnold shows how the world looks at 2000 feet where a single mistake means a fall to certain death.

Click the Dome for something different.
It is hard to watch.


Rolling it Out

Echols Street Gets a Facelift

Vienna DPW sent out the paving crew today to clean up a minefield of potholes that had challenged commuters for the last few months. In mid January a water pipe burst about 12 feet under the road, turning it into a giant mud hole. Because of the cold weather, the best that could be done at the time was a cold temporary asphalt mix, depending on traffic to pack it down.

But now, with the right weather and techniques, the road is looking good again.


Sidewalks Finished
Westbriar NE

Phase 2 of the sidewalk project along Westbriar Drive NE finished up today,. The soil between the walk and the curb was sprayed with an aromatic cocktail of grass seed and fertilizer, sort of a greenish mud.

The supervisor promised it will be a nice mixture of tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass in a month or so.

How are those New Years Resolutions Coming? Part 2 by Ken

Hi. Ken Bowman again. I am going to talk a bit more specifically this time about exercise and what you can reasonably expect when you take the plunge.

We will be talking about a modest, but thorough, practical routine that will get you to a place you never thought possible. But be warned, it will all vanish just as fast if you give it up. So, we are talking about a life-style change. But it will be worth it if you value being the best you can be for your limited time on Earth.

Continue with Part 2          Start at Part 1


Old Magruders Site Under Renovation


The site of Vienna's iconic Magruders Grocery Store at Maple and Lawyers is undergoing some change, finally, after nearly three years of speculation on its future. A Mrs. Greens grocery was in contention for a while, but that deal fell through last year.

The building, now stripped down to pillers and beams, will become a Chop't Salad restaurant, with carryout service.




A sidewalk project along Westbriar Drive NE in our Zone C is in full swing. This is the next installment of an initiative funded mostly by a Virginia grant, called Walk to Downtown, the purpose of which is to provide improved pedestrian access from neighborhoods to a town's main thoroughfare. Other sidewalks nearby are planned for the future.

The scope of this phase is to create a new sidewalk from 123 to connect to the existing one between Old Courthouse Road and St. Bernard Drive. It will involve only the side along the golf course, and include gutters along the road. Except for a few, the existing trees will be undisturbed.

Two Other Westbriar
Construction Projects
Approved at Monday's
Town Council Meeting

1. Planning contract for a sidewalk on the west side of Old Courthouse Road between Westbriar Court and Gosnell Road.

2. Reconstruction of Follin Lane between Maple Avenue and Wildwood Park, to include curb and gutter construction and a sidewalk on the west side of the road.


Vienna Wins

A friendly contest with our neighbor Falls Church to see how many of our residents would sign up for free energy checkups and solar evaluations has been decided: Vienna with 288. The challenge was a way of raising public awareness of the Solarize NOVA campaign, and its bulk discounts available to those interested in enjoying another benefit of free sunshine.

Explore Solar. It is here, it is now, and it works!


Polling Place


Our Town elections are held at the Community Center on Park Street. However, renovations are scheduled to begin this year. At the Town Council meeting on Monday, July 6, a public hearing met no objections to temporarily moving the polling site to the Vienna Presbyterian Church. The change will be effective for the May 2016, and probably also the May 2017 elections.


New Kid
on the Block

The paint is dry, the sod is down, and the ballons are up. The latest home in Westbriar took a bow Sunday.

1004 Echols St SE. No owner yet.
Inquiries: 703-402-7524


A Great Browsing Nugget ...

If you appreciate dance, you will love these moves by the fabulous Phillip Chbeebe and rising ballerina Renee Kester. Performed in an unlikely venue.

The music, "Slip", by Elliot Moss is also mesmerizing.


Town Green

One of the best things about the Vienna Summer Experience is the free concerts at the Town Green. Grab a blanket or lawn chair and see the setting sun to a jazz or country western beat!

Concerts begin at 6:30 unless otherwise stated, are family friendly, alchohol-free.
Picnicking encouraged. Dogs, not so much.

of the

Fri - Aug 28
Sun - Aug 30
Sun - Sept 27
Sun - Oct 25

Richard Walton Group
Afternoons on Church Concert - 5:00 p.m.
Afternoons on Church Concert - 5:00 p.m.
Afternoons on Church Concert - 5:00 p.m.



This season's series is sponsored by the
Rotary Club and Whole Foods.
Be a Friend of the Town Green.


Why is the ocean salty? Click HERE for the answer.
Your will be able to answer a common child's question.



Right for you?

A reverse mortgage is a loan. You are borrowing against your home equity. However, unlike traditional mortgages, with a reverse mortgage you do not have to pay back the money you have borrowed as long as you are living in the home. Housing is usually both the most costly expense as well as the most valuable asset for most senior households.
A reverse mortgage takes advantage of both of these facts. The loan enables you to eliminate ongoing mortgage payments. And for borrowers with sufficient home equity you can also get access to cash to use however you want or need. However, the decision to secure the loan can be complicated and confusing. Read more
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Officially Open:
Caboose Brewery

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Delegate Mark Keam, Mayor Laurie DiRocco
help the owners' kids with the big snip.

Among the newest and for many, the most welcome business addition to Vienna, is the
Caboose Brewery.

Head out Mill Street past the Red Caboose, and it will be the very last door before the woods.

Caboose currently brews eight varieties, something for every palate.

View from the top.
A popular place to be last Thursday.
Inset: Caboose Master Brewer, Chris Mallon

NEW 8/11/15

Westbriar Toddler's Death Under Investigation

The Manassas Medical Examiner's office yesterday has revealed that a massive head injury last Mother's Day was the cause of death of three year old Beckett Podominick, who lived on Westbriar Court with his mother Erin TePaske. According to accounts of witnesses, apparently the last person to see the boy healthy is Kenny Bartley, a 22 yr old man who was convicted of murdering a school official in Campbell County TN when he was 14 yrs old.

More information at WATE, a Knoxville news source which is following events closely. Another report.

Current Vienna Patch release.


Don't Let it

Go to Waste


The power of the sun is enormous. When the sun is overhead, it delivers about one Kilowatt for every square meter. If you could capture all of that, your energy problems would be solved. As a matter of fact, if you could capture even a small part of that free, clean energy, you could make a significant dent in your living expenses. A great investment opportunity.

Actually, you can. The technology is here and now. Prices for solar panels and the equipment to interface to your home circuits and the power grid have steadily been falling. It is entirely possible that your home would be a good candidate for a look into this exciting technology.

The new Solarize initiatives have made solar panel installations affordable and cost effective. Solarize is run in Northern Virginia by the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP). Its strategy uses the bulk purchase concept to obtain a lower cost of installation for a group of homeowners.

To promote community support, the mayors of Vienna and Falls Church have undertaken a friendly challenge between our two communities to see which community will have the larger number of installations.

Learn more about Solarize Vienna.

Hey! Vienna's
Farmers Market


Same location:
Faith Baptist Church
Across Center Street from the Fire House
8:00 AM to Noon, Saturdays

Same great quality:
Locally Grown, Vine Picked Freshness.



Navy Federal Credit Union, largest credit union in the country, and Vienna's largest employer by far, will get even bigger. And with the growth, approximately 600 job opportunities.

The present Annex D building will be replaced by a quarter million square foot, four story office complex with parking. An elevated walkway across Electric Drive will connect empoyees with the main structure.

Navy Federal has been mentioned in the Crier last summer in connection with an improvement to Follin Lane, which will add a lane for two blocks to better accomodate 123-bound traffic at the end of the work day.

NFCU is Westbriar's closest commercial neighbor to the south.
Architectural drawing credit: Vienna Patch.


New Art Commission Formed

Vienna has new Arts Commission to advise and assist the Vienna Town Council on matters relating to the advancement of public art in the Town, including the development and funding of a public art program. The proposal for a Vienna Public Art Commission evolved from the research for a M. Jane Seeman Memorial by the Mayor's Advisory Committee.

Want to help?

Residents of the Town or representatives of businesses or professions located in and licensed by the Town interested in serving on the Commission can apply online HERE.

REALLY NEW 1/13/15

At age 49 hours, Eden Annabel is all belted in for her first ride, in the car home from the hospital.

Many more car rides in the weeks to come.....


LATER 4/13/15

At age 3 months, Eden takes another kind of ride, This time on an airplane to San Francisco.

She is trying to make sense of the tray tables, oxygen masks and emergency exits stuff.

Why do we ride IN a car ......
but ride ON an airplane?

Still Active in Vienna 5/5/15

"Hello, this is
Microsoft calling....
Your computer has a
Problem and we are
here to help you

Great! Except that none of it is true. He is not from Microsoft, your computer is fine, and his intention is to harm you.

Nobody from Microsoft, or any legimate company would ever place a call like that. It is a scam. It is a very lucrative scam that is being reported widely on the evening news and in the newspapers. Six Westbriar members have reported it to us in the last month.

If you play along a bit, he will have you hold the Windows key down and press the R key. This will bring up a dialog box, into which he will tell you what to type. This will take you to an error log, which will typically show many low level harmless self-correcting errors that your computer logs daily. This is to gain your trust, and convince you that your computer is malfuctioning.

Then, he will direct you to a web page where you will download software which gives him remote access to your entire computer, so he can "fix things." He will guide you through the steps to marry your computers together. Then, he politely says "Good bye." He will at leisure browse all your communications, banking, and everything else. You shouldn't store your passwords on your computer, but we all do that, and he knows it. He can and will go into your on-line bank accounts and clean them out.

When Microsoft calls,


track internet visits

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