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NEW 6/26/16

2-Way System
Up and Running

NextDoor has already
found 4 cats in our

Members of Westbriar have asked for it, and we now have it!

And that's the ability to talk directly with their neighborhoods. Do you want to borrow a ladder? Report a lost cat? Organize a book club or exercise class? Sell your old golf clubs? Share a great recipe? Advertise your availability for dog walking, or leaf raking?

You can do all this and much more. Join us on NextDoor. 100% of Westbriar Civic Association is now "wired" together. Each of our eight Zones is now a NextDoor Group. Much of Vienna has already joined and you can reach out to them also.

To join NextDoor, simply CLICK HERE.
Put in your address, it will know you are part of Westbriar.
Enter your CODE. Fill out your profile,
and say "Hi" to your neighbors.

See this short video for an introduction to NextDoor.

NEW 6/25/16
Environmental Survey

Help Fairfax update their environmental vision. Spend a few moments
taking their on-line survey, and let them know your thoughts.

NEW 6/24/16

in Vienna

Channel 5 has a fun Friday Thing called ZIP TRIP where they set up an anchor point at interesting places in the viewing area, and return there for a respite from the heavier news of the day. Today it was Vienna's turn to show off our special stuff.

So, after waking us up to Brexit, the Dow-Jones nosedive, traffic paralyzing crashes, and more Metro delays, it was fun for Tucker Barnes, Allison Seymor, and Wisdom Martin to learn that normal life still abounds in places like the Freeman House, (right).

And it's fun to interview the Moms Run This Town running team. And see the offerings from our bicycle shop, and play Trivia with Mayor DiRocco. And taste some delicious local chocolates, and hear about our efforts in solar energy. And much more.

Photo Credit: WTTG, via screen prints and tweets.


Hunter Mill

Open House

The new headquarters of the Reston Police was dedicated Saturday with a ribbon cutting ceremony and an Open House. It was a popular spot especially for the children, who could crawl around in the fire trucks, ambulances, water rescue craft, and more.

The new facility also provides offices of Fairfax County Hunter Mill District. Supervisor Cathy Hudgins' staff was on hand to show their new digs.

Artist Matthew Duffy poses with visitors in front of his stainless steel sculpture, "Mutual Understanding, Mutual Respect."

NEW 6/17/16

Follin Operational!

Who's on First?

Jacob, Flynn, and Sophia have the answer. They proudly show off the very first tire that travelled the new Follin Lane.


After some minor finishing touches, Follin Lane was officially opened this morning by the Mayor, Town Council Members, Town Manager, and Department of Public Works.

Photo Credit: Adam Kincaid



"I love the smell of Hot Asphalt in the morning ...."

With apologies to Robert Duvall and Frank Coppola, the aroma is more like roses, especially to Westbriar Zone A and B folks who have been anticipating this rebirth for nine months.

The massive infrastructure upgrade, one of the town's largest in recent memory, will bring walkability, better utilities distribution, and likely improved safety to this tree lined entrance to Vienna's Technology Center.

The last underground work at the Echols intersection was finished today, the excavation was filled in and the roadbed is being prepared for paving.

Life on the

(not as bad as expected)

Savvy commuters have long been fond of their secret route to avoid the Route 123 morning and evening grind. But things were disrupted on May 31 when the final phase of Follin Lane reconstruction project began.

The intersection with Echols Street needed upgrading of the storm conduits to cope with the additional run-off from Follin's new curb and gutter system. Without the deep ditches to drink in the raindrops, about three times as much water will now head, during storms, down to the Wolftrap Creek in Wildwood Park. Without the upgrade, the intersection would flood.

To handle the gaping hole in the route, a detour from Echols was created down Mashie Street, and made a crossing on Hine Street over the partially paved Follin. For the first two days, it was a bit confusing for all. Mashie and Hine residents had never before seen the routine Echols Street rush hour traffic.

But several things combined to ease the situation. For one, Navy Federal Credit Union, Vienna's largest employer, beseeched its employees to find other routes if at all possible.

A second factor was that Vienna sent over a police presence on Wednesday to keep the traffic calm. A trailer-mounted radar display monitored speed, and officers brandishing hand-held radar guns made sure the point was clear. The officers reported no speeding, but did pass out a few tickets for expired safety inspections. Most of the delays on that day was from lost motorists asking for directions.

But probably the most effective measure came from a Mashie Street resident, computer IT specialist Cindy Speck, who suggested that it was pointless to direct the detour traffic in both directions. "Why not open Hine traffic all the way to Echols Street, and just let the commuters take their choice?" she asked.

Speed display keeps it cool


Speck Detour goes into effect.

Speck's amazingly simple but logical suggestion was passed on by Town Councilman Pasha Majdi, who was monitoring the situation at the site, and by the next day, freshly painted signs were installed at the appropriate locations. On Friday, there was zero morning rush hour traffic on Mashie and the evening rush hour was cut to less than half. The 2-way traffic on the narrow street disappeared altogether.

The Crier sent out an email request to residents along the detour route for comments on how it affects their life. Not one respondent had a negative word. Frank Johnson, who lives on Hine, which bears the full detour volume, said "It's been a long time, but I'm happy the project is nearly done."

Meanwhile, construction of the sidewalk from Maple Avenue to Echols Street will be finished Friday. This stretch had always been a No Pedestrian zone.


From Eagleville

Empty Nest

The Eagle Kids, Freedom and Liberty spend these days doing what teenager humans do: exploring the world with their awesome propulsion systems, and getting to know the 'hood. Their parents no longer are nearby looking after them. That would be impossible. But the kids are still dependent on them for food, and they all rendevous a couple times a day at the nest for family meals. They will be dependent for the next year.

Without a lot of action to see, we are going to pull the plug on this story. However, click the flying eagle in the top corner, and if you are lucky, you will be a guest at dinner time.

Meals Tax Referendum

The Fairfax Board of Supervisors yesterday placed the Meals Tax proposal on the ballot. Eating prepared food, either at restaurants or from stores will be more expensive should the referendum pass in the General Election on November 8th


Vesper Trail Plans Update

Freedom Hill E.S. Cafeteria
Monday, June 13, 6:30 PM

The high tension lines that run through Westbriar back yards between Fairway and Westwood Drives bring power to Tysons. The lines cross over the Spring Branch woods. And under them is a planned pedestrian and bicycle trail beginning at Vesper Street, a little stub that was never developed further.

Right now, it is an impossible crossing. When the federally-funded project is completed, the crossing will be possible in all weather and creek conditions.


Town Council Members
Sworn In

Mayor DiRocco honors Edythe Kelleher
for her 14 years of public service.

Winners of May's election were sworn in
Monday by Judge Brett Kassabian, who
congratulates Doug Noble after
administering the oath.

2 More This Month

A house in the 200 block of Mashie Drive gets placed piece by piece in a semi. Built in 1961, it was among the oldest in our community.

The pace of redevelopment makes Westbriar one of the hottest real estate markets in Vienna.

A pump derrick arcs across the sky in the 900 block of Fairway Drive, bringing concrete from the truck to waiting foundation forms.

6/6/16 Liftoff!

Freedom fledges!
See it HERE.

NEW 6/8/16 What you should know about the Metro Maintenance Surge.

Fairfax County Chairman Sharon Bulova provides perspectives and links to understand Metro's long-delayed safety upgrades. And the price we are now paying. A good read in her monthly Newsletter.


Metro Delays Start
This Weekend

Vienna Metro service is going to be much slower and more stressful starting Saturday. The first move in a system-wide safety upgrade will be single tracking between East Falls Church and Ballston stations, which will affect both the Orange and Silver Lines.

Single tracking will require the number of trains to be correspondingly reduced, so packed trains and station platforms will be the norm.

Also, to provide more time for track work at night, the closing time will be moved from 3 AM to Midnight. To help alleviate the commute problems, Metro is stepping up bus service. However, many commuters will likely opt to drive to jobs in Arlington and the District.

This, of course, will have its own profound effect on our roads, 123, 66, and GW Parkway, already up to near-capacity in rush hour.

Private ride services such as Lyft and Uber may turn out to be the only winners as Metro repair work progresses over the next year or so.

Still the #1 Scam
in this Area

It is the Computer Version of the Nigerian Letter. Twenty one Westbriar residents have reported getting the call, and four have been taken for an expensive ride. Thousands in Northern Virginia have been hit. Don't let it happen to you.
The caller usually has a thick Asian or African accent. "Hello, this is Microsoft calling. Your computer is giving out errors." See More.


Ayr Hill Garden Club
Announces New Officers

Established in 1929, the Ayr Hill Garden Club's motto is Civic Gardening. The club maintains six gardens in Vienna, including the W&OD Trail, and the Caboose Children's Garden. See complete announcement HERE.

If you have an interest in sharing your green thumb, or learning about the craft, perhaps you should make contact with this fine group.



Mosquitoes and Zika

Tiger Mosquito

Named for its black
and white bands

Native to SE Asia, it has invaded USA over the last decades, and is now the most common specie in the Eastern and Southern states.


Only a few months ago, we knew nothing about it. The Center for Disease Control didn't know much more. They suspected a connection, but were not sure. But now it is confirmed.

Zika Virus, which causes babies to be born with an unusually small head and brain, is transmitted through mosquitoes found in South America. And more recently, it has been proven to be transmitted by our own local pest, the Tiger. Some international scientists are cautioning about holding the scheduled Olympics in Brazil in August, worried that people will bring back and establish hot zones in other parts of the globe.

Mosquitoes need standing water for their life cycle. Fight them by depriving them of that water. Police your property for toys or other containers or surface shapes that trap rain. Blast out the birdbath with a garden hose every week. The Tiger goes from egg on the water surface to adult in 10 to 14 days. Disruption at any point kills the insect. Working together can eliminate them from an entire community.

Spraying one's own property does not last long, and is environmentally questionable. Honey bee populations are susceptable to the toxins, and bee keepers are concerned.


Follin Update

Hine Street SE opened (temporarily) this morning for the first time in 8 months.

It was nice to see a normal, well-marked intersection rather than the obscure break in the

trees which contributed to a high number of accidents at the Follin Lane crossing (above).

Hine street will be used as a detour route to take Westbriar A and B traffic around the intersection of Echols Street and Follin Lane, where major work will start on the road drainage system. Also a large drinking water line must be moved.

The work is expected to take about 2 weeks, weather cooperating, after which the top layer of asphalt will be installed on Follin Lane.

A ribbon cutting ceremony when all done?

With detour routes in place, rebuilding of Echols intersction is about to begin. Nearby Orrin and Alma Streets will also be part of the detour system.



NEW 5/31/16 According to a study
by SmartAsset, and reported by the Patch,
the two happiest counties in America are
Loudon (#1) and Fairfax (#2)

And to top that off, Vienna's recent
Community Survey reports that we
overwhemingly find our town an
excellent place to live.

This was the biggest Viva Vienna! ever, with unbroken rows of kiosks and rides set up on Church Street from Lawyers to Mill, and side streets from Maple to Ayr Hill.The weatherman had been predicting a somewhat sketchy weekend, but it turned out mostly perfect. A lot of fun in the sun.
Thanks to Vienna Rotary Club for a great effort.


New Weather Forecast Above

We have just replaced The Crier's weather forecast at the top right of this page with something better. Click on the Forecast Vienna link and explore its many capabilities. The Maps, Satellites, and Radar features will satisfy any meteorological urges.



A breath of fresh air into the constant PC drumbeat from most mainstream media, including the Washington Post. VA Senator Chap Petersen, after carefully researching the views of Native Americans, has concluded that the overwhelming majority actually like the R-word. An assumption had been made that "redskin" was derogatory, referring to the Native's darker skin tone than the European's, and was deemed racist.

A false assumption, it turns out. Read Chap's entire statement HERE.


Farmers Market:
Veggie Heaven

Not only fresh veggies and flowers, but so much more!

Sponsored by the Optimist Club, this is our only not-for-profit market in Vienna. Stop by every Saturday morning, 8 AM till Noon, for handicrafts, cheeses, breads, candies, coffee and flea market items.

Faith Baptist Church, Center Street S, across from the Fire Station. Proceeds support youth programs and scholarships.


2 Interesting Machines

What are you Really like?

Take this test, and then you will know.

Never regret a day in your life.
Good days give you happiness
and bad days give you experience.
Both are essential in life.
All are God's blessings.
Have a great day.


5/12/16 Vienna Teen Pop-Up Events 7-9 pm Bring your own flashlight.

Club Phonix members, grades 6-10: Teens must wear sneakers and be dropped off by parent.

5/20 Flashlight Tag @ Glyndon Park.
6/10 Capture the Flag @ Glyndon Park
7/29 Tennis Court Dodgeball @ Meadow Lane Park
6/12 Flashlight Manhunt @ Glyndon Park

More info: Tammy Funk or



Click the Pic. Geronimo!

Jump with the US Navy Parachute Team, the Leap Frogs, into the enthusiastic crowd at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville TN to kick off the University of Tennessee Volunteers Spring Scrimmage.

Emma Morano of Italy is now the oldest person in the world, and the only person who was born in the 19th Century.

Dolce Vita ....

Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead


Vienna Town Election

The Winners are:


Mayor Laurie DiRocco

Pasha Majdi

Doug Noble

Linda Colbert

Congratulations and best wishes from Westbriar!


Westbriar to Get

The Westbriar Civic Board of Directors voted last night to institute a community-wide social network which will give members the ability to communicate with other individuals, or selected members (such as a book club) or broadcast messages to an entire zone (such as a lost cat). Members will also be able to reach out farther into the surrounding neighborhoods, because this network is growing fast and many parts of Vienna already connect through it.

The network, based and managed in the San Francisco area is called "NextDoor." It has been used to advantage for the last six months by a smaller group in Westbriar. Look for further announcements soon. Meanwhile click HERE for an overview.

"The Pessimist complains about the wind; the Optimist expects the wind to change; the Realist adjusts the sails." William Arthur Ward


Fitness Just Got Easier in Westbriar

Westbriar Civic Association Members get 50% off Fee at Crunch Gym, located at nearby Pike 7 Plaza. Pricing for membership in physical fitness facilities differ. Some have no initiation fees, but a rather high monthly rate. Crunch has low monthly rates, but a somewhat high initial payment.

We visited several facilities in the area and were most impressed with this one, for the convenient location, the cleanliness, the newness of equipment, and the staff knowledge and attentivness. After a few months of negotiating with Manager Paul Harris, we struck an attractive deal. No excuses now for your fitness resolution in 2016....

Still Active in Vienna 11/26/15

"Hello, Microsoft calling....
Your computer is malfunctioning.
We are here to help you

We have reminded you of this before, but it remains, sadly, one of the most active scams at the moment. Another Westbriar resident this week got taken for a ride. Paying good money to a stranger who does nothing for you is bad enough. The real danger of this scam is in the last paragraph below.

When he calls, he sounds real. He is smooth, but he has had plenty of practice.

If you play along a bit, he will have you hold the Windows key down and press the R key. This will bring up a dialog box, into which he will tell you what to type. This will take you to an error log, which will typically show many low level harmless self-correcting errors that your computer logs every minute. This is to gain your trust, and convince you that your computer is malfuctioning.

Then, he will direct you to a web page where you will download software which gives him remote access to your entire computer, so he can "fix things." He will guide you through the steps to marry your computers together. He will pretend to fix things, and perhaps ask for your credit card for a small payment. Then, he politely says "Good bye." During the conversation, he has downloaded the entire documents section of your computer. He will at leisure browse all your communications, banking, and everything else. You shouldn't store your passwords on your computer, but we all do that, and he knows it. He can and will go into your on-line bank accounts and clean them out.

When Microsoft calls,

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